‘Clark Rockefeller’ Extradited To Los Angeles To Face Murder Charge

BOSTON (CBS) – The man known as Clark Rockefeller was extradited to Los Angeles on Wednesday to face a murder charge for the death of a California man in the 1980’s.

Rockefeller, whose real name is Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, was picked up by the LA County’s extradition unit, according to Lt. Wes Susson of the LA sheriff’s office, and then sent to Los Angeles.

At some point, Rockefeller will be booked on a single count of murder for the death of Jonathan Sohus in the mid-1980’s. The remains of Sohus’s newlywed wife Linda have never been found.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports.

Rockefeller will most likely be arraigned on Friday. His attorney, Jeffrey Denner, will represent him in the case.

In late July 2008, prosecutors said Rockefeller kidnapped his daughter in Boston and moved with her to Baltimore, Maryland under assumed names. He was arrested days later. Rockefeller was then found guilty of parental kidnapping and and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in June 2009 and sentenced to 4-5 years in state prison.

According to the LA Times, Rockefeller will be held on $10 million bail.

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  • Tim Green

    Why are you calling him “Rockefeller” if that is not his real name? I just don’t get it.

  • Cynic

    Tim the law says your name is whatever you choose to call yourself.

    • blackbear1

      Where did you come up with that one?? No such thing as birth certificates, SS numbers, voter registration, etc…

  • K

    Which Law ? just out of curiosity
    I would imagine that unless you have the new name registered, you are assuming a false identity or even impersonating another individual. Both highly illegal

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  • Nelson Rockefeller

    What law might that be? It’s just not as easy as that. Having said that, I think that when his trial starts, he will simply keep repeating the words, “but that’s not me”, I’m Ernie Flynn, Errol’s brother!”

  • Wuzisname

    They are most likely calling him the alias because of the infamous status of notoriety. People know that alias and followers of the story buy because of the name. It’s all marketing

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