BOSTON (CBS) – Groceries are not a discretionary item in your budget but you do have some flexibility as to how and where you spend your grocery money.

You can get groceries on the cheap. Going cheap doesn’t mean you have to lower your standards. It means changing how you purchase those goods and services to keep the things that are important to you.

What do you buy every week? A couple of things I purchase almost every week are Pepperidge Farm whole wheat bread and Ben & Jerry ice cream. We’ve tried other brands including the generics and have decided this is what we want.

So I look to buy them cheaper. Wal-Mart and Target carry both cheaper than the grocery stores. I look for sales as well and stock up when I can.

“Don’t shop when you are hungry or when the kids are hungry” is advice we have all heard. I can tell you its good advice! When I stop at the grocery store at the end of my day on my way home from work there is always some impulse items in the cart. And worse, sometimes opened before I get home.

Shop with a list and plan your menus for the week around the sale items if possible. Buy extra sale items if you have the storage space. Watch those prices on the grocery store flyers. They are not always on sale if they are being offered in the flyer.

Use coupons, it’s an old fashion idea but it works. Manufacturers want you to try their products. Coupons come in the Sunday papers or you can get them on line. Some stores offer coupons as well. Only buy the product if you are going to use it or want to try a new product.

I like the Coupon Mom’s method, but there are many other websites to help you save using coupons.

Buy in bulk if you have the storage space. Bottled water, soda, paper towels, toilet paper, nonperishable items. Try the discount stores and watch for the sales in your local grocery store or drug store.

Buy produce in season. This assures you of fresh produce and local produce and a lower price. Blueberries are about $2 a pint from New Jersey. If the produce comes pre-packaged and you are shopping for one or two ask the clerk for a smaller quantity.

Avoid single size servings. They are very convenient but expensive. You can buy a big bag of chips and put individual portions in sandwich bags. Do the same with other snacks and cookies.

Specials and sales are often cyclical. Some items go on sale every 6 or 8 weeks. Watch the flyers and plan accordingly. I have a small notebook that I leave in my car with the prices of the items I buy regularly so if I see a sale I can tell if it is really a sale! Ask for a rain check if the item on sale is not available.

Shopping or joining one of the huge warehouse clubs may not always get you the best deal if you buy more than you can use and you end up throwing out food.

One more thing:  Coupon Resources:, and 66 Ways to Save

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  1. Phoenix Rising says:

    Utilize the supermarket’s scanning system if they offer one since it tracks your spending habits and will offer you periodic unadvertised specials as you walk down the store isles.

    I make a habit of using the scanner (with a list) and combining scanned specials with store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons together. It’s really great when that same supermarket also has periodic $1 off double coupons. Some items that are over $3, I’ve actually bought for 49-cents or sometimes even free! At that point, should the item be free, I may buy 2 if it’s an item I use all the time.

    The money saved, I automatically put it into my savings account since I would’ve spent it anyway for groceries. It’s a forced savings plan that really pays off either at the end of the year, or during the year should an emergency arise. Try it, it works!

  2. Italo says:

    I have a new way to make viewers actually “watch” and “pay attention to” commercials. Advertisers, present your products’ ads to me in the forms just of on-screen coupons, that I can then screen-freeze, print out, and bring to stores and use to buy your things. THAT’LL make me pay attention to your constant ads, for sure!

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