WAYLAND (CBS) – A homicide investigation was underway Monday night after the search for a missing teenager in Wayland ended sadly.

Eighteen-year-old Lauren Astley’s body has been recovered and a homicide investigation was underway.

Monday around 9 pm, a brown Honda CR-V, believed to belong to Lauren’s boyfriend, was towed into Wayland police station. Investigators could be seen at the home of a teenager who has been identified as Lauren’s boyfriend. WBZ-TV is not yet naming that individual.

Astley’s body was found Monday morning in a marshy area off of Route 27 in Wayland by a bicyclist passing by. According to the District Attorney, the bicyclist immediately called 911. Lauren’s vehicle was also discovered parked at Wayland’s town beach.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports

The D.A. confirmed Monday night that Astley’s death was an apparent homicide, though no further details were offered. The D.A. did not name any suspects, but added that it was believed that residents should not be in fear at this time.

On Monday night, Malcolm pleaded for anyone who may have seen something near Wayland Town Beach between 7:45 pm and 8 pm Sunday to call police.  Astley says police knew Lauren’s location at 7:45 pm and 8 pm is the time Malcolm says a Wayland police officer discovered Lauren’s car and realized something was amiss.

Earlier, Malcolm told WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano he did not know much about the circumstances surrounding the death. At one point, he did allude to the possibility of foul play. “I think we will find eventually that whatever foul play took part here arose from our society’s failure to look deeply at our needs together and to work on meeting them,” he said.

Malcolm choked up when describing his daughter as a great singer, a strong athlete and a competitor.

Lauren recently graduated from Wayland High School and was set to attend Elon University in North Carolina this fall.

Counselors were expected to be available at Happy Hollow School in Wayland on Tuesday.

Comments (14)
  1. Richard P Turner says:

    My Prayers go out to the Ashtely Familly i hope this will have a good outcome

  2. R Davis says:

    Malcolm is a close friend of the family and we are all very upset by this news : ( I hope whoever did this gets life in prison

    1. Stephen Rost says:

      The Diversive actors performing these acts – are not relation to Who’s Who on

      Earth or in Heaven.

      Since that is a Truth – False “wants” mis-stated as “Hope” intending to reward

      Life in any form, for a Damnable act of which the Honor of Death will not even

      be adjudged – cannot answered by any other than the Master of the Damned..

      1. petem says:

        what a bunch of nonsense…couldnt you just offer you condolences to the family?

        I do, sincerly.

  3. tawmgirl says:

    What a shame.. My heart goes out to her family. What a beautiful girl.

  4. Diane says:

    Oh my gosh. We are so sorry for your family. She is a beautiful girl. I hope whoever did this gets what he deserves.,

  5. Richard P Turner says:

    Thomas and Richard Turner wish to extend our Deepest Sypathy to the Astely family lauren will be in our prayers tonight

  6. stephanie boudreau says:

    My poor darling. I’m so sorry. You were a wonderful young lady and left a mark on my heart. Rest in peace, sweetie.

  7. Jade says:

    My heart goes out to the family.

  8. Becky says:

    I am so sory for your loss.. God bless …

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