Young Driver Killed In Crash On I-93 In Andover

ANDOVER (CBS) – A young driver was killed in a crash on Route 93 in Andover early Friday morning.

State police say 19-year-old David Tulley of Londonderry, N.H. lost control of his 2001 Ford Taurus around 4 a.m. in the northbound lanes, rolled over and came to rest in the center lane.

Moments later, it was hit by a 2004 Dodge Dakota pickup truck.

Police say Tulley was not wearing a seat belt and was “ejected at some point in the crash.”

He was rushed to Lahey Clinic in Burlington where he died.

The pickup truck driver, 51-year-old Michael Noury of Bradford, was taken to Winchester Hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries.

  • Willow

    Very tragic and sad. I’m sorry for his parents and friends.

  • steve

    Such a young life, hopefully more young drivers, and older ones for that matter, read about this loss and learn from the tragedy. Seatbelts save lives.

    • alan

      Parents need to take a good hard look at this, too!
      Very sad and tragic incident!

  • Willow

    Steve and Alan, you are both right on. I can only imagine the heartache this family is now faced with.

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  • Trudy Johnson

    There is a lot we do not yet understand about this accident. Should we just assume that it was the fault of the driver or could it be that he lost control of the car due to the actions of another driver? Is it possible that if he had not been hit by the other vehicle he may have survived? It will be up to the police investigators to make the final call. Either way, it is very tragic for such a young person to lose their life and I pray that his family and friends may be consoled in their time of mourning.

    • Kelley

      Thank you for putting this up… People can be so judgemental. Thank you for thinking of my friend.

      We miss you so much, Dave. Rest easy, my friend…

  • candy

    david, i never imagined id get this news today. i thought it had to be a sick joke of some kind. you were always a honest and loyal person. you were too young to go. there are just no words for how much you will be missed by all your friend and family… may you rest in peace. please keep an eye on everyone here at home that youve left behind. <3 see you soon dave.

    • kaileen

      i agree, he was one of my friends. i miss you honey <3

  • taxedout

    Everyone Please drive Safe and get home in one piece this 4th of July!!!!!

  • No Pictures Just Words

    I DO NOT agree with the media taking pictures of this tragedy. Since although Freedom of the Press is in the amendments, I still think words were enough, since do they not care about the family and friends or aquentences of the victim of this accident? I remember in the case of fatal crashes they usually put up orange barracades, yet the media still tries to force their way through to snap the “headline” shot. I say, use words, not pictures, its all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T my heart goes out to the family and friends of this victim.

    • Mike Crouse

      I cant even look at this without crying. i miss you david.

      • andrew t

        mike i feel the same way bro

  • Kelley

    I never saw that picture until now… It is so heart-wrenching… I cannot believe they would post this, as if it was not enough to lose him… But to see how painful it must have been? Shame on you.

    I miss you, Dave. You were a good friend to me, and I will never forget the good times we had. Rest easy, my friend… <3

  • andrew t

    david you were nothing less than a brother to me you used to hang out with me and sammy everytime i cant play a game of zombies with out a tear comin to my eye i love you david so much

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