The NBA collective bargaining agreement expired and now we have another lockout on our hands.

Gary Washburn spoke with Toucher & Rich about the main things that David Stern wants, is this worse than the last lockout and who’s to blame?

The guys started off discussing what David Stern and the owners want.

“They want an overall lowering of the salaries. They want more of the pie of the basketball related income the player get 57%. The owners suggested the players get 40%. That’s a little ridiculous, but it isn’t close to 54. I think the owners want control back of the salaries,” Washburn said.

Is this lockout worse than the one 13 years ago?

“Yeah, because I think there is a consolidated group of owners some of whom went through that ’04-’05 NHL season where they basically locked out the players for the year and the year was done. Who are saying listen we are going to lock these guys out and we’re willing to miss the season,” Washurn told the crew.

Is Stern the one to blame since this happened while he was in charge?

“He is to blame because what happened was they said we’ll put a max on salaries and the players were like okay. But, they didn’t max the amount of players that could earn that salary and they didn’t max the amount of players who could earn that mid level exception,” Washburn said.


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