BOSTON (CBS) – A crew of 100 is working around the clock for the biggest show of the year along the esplanade.

Lights, speakers, and video boards are all going up and being tested.

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“It’s about the audience we try to cater to the half million people that are in the esplanade and not just here in the oval,” said site manager Ed Slapik.

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias reports


Offshore, the Charles River is equally as busy.

The Coast Guard is on patrol, keeping a watchful eye while 15,000 pounds of colorful explosives are being loaded up.

Eric Tucker, the guy in charge of setting up the fireworks, says it’s all about the rhythm of the show and his fireworks are like musical notes.

  1. Karen Buechs says:

    I am overwhelmed this year. Your 4th of July broadcast is spectacular. The technical creativitiy is fantastic. The fireworks are out of this world and the camera work is beyond excellent. We are impressed with the work that has gone into this special. Thank you. Karen and Ken Buechs Plymouth MA

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