The Red Sox fell to the Phillies again even with David Ortiz’s bat.

Chip Buck from FireBrandAL spoke with Toucher & Rich about the team’s struggles, John Lackey’s performance and the rumor that he needs Tommy John surgery.

Lackey performance was better than his previous starts, only giving up 2 runs. He even helped out offensively by driving in the team’s only run. Theo Epstein refuted a report that Lackey would probably need Tommy John surgery by August. What did Buck think of that report?

“I don’t think that the Red Sox would have put him out there if he was in any serious danger of actually injuring his arm any further,” Buck thought.

The guys discussed Lackey’s performances in seasons prior and talked about how he is better in the second half of seasons. Although he has never quite had a start like this.

They also discussed the problems the Sox have in right field. Is there anyway they can solve this issue and has J.D. Drew checked out?

“I don’t think he’s checked out. I think it’s been very frustrating for him. By all accounts and reports he’s been taking extra batting practice to try and figure out what’s going on with his struggles at the plate,” Buck said.

They also talked about Adrian Gonzalez playing right so David Ortiz could get into the game.


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