CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – Many people are still celebrating the Bruins championship, and on Wednesday night, a few lucky fans received an unforgettable surprise: a visit with the Stanley Cup itself.

Whisked through the parking lot by its white-gloved keeper, the holy grail of hockey made its way into a crowded Cambridge barroom, and grown men turned giddy.

“This is ridiculous! This is awesome. Really, really great,” said Reid Sturdevant.

It was a party of longtime Bruins fans at the Summer Shack in Cambridge, where 35-year season ticket holder Chris Ford was among those who had no idea that his daughter’s Twitter entry had been picked for a surprise special delivery.

“This is awesome. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this, for this moment,” said Ford.

Indeed. Two weeks after watching their hockey heroes hoist the Stanley Cup overhead in Vancouver, these folks found themselves in a cell phone photo frenzy.

For almost 40 years, this was something hungry Bruins fans could only dream about, but Wednesday night, they got their chance to actually touch it.

But, despite those wild cup adventures you’ve heard about, the most historic trophy in sports now travels under guard.

“People get excited. They get goofy. I understand it. I mean, it’s the Stanley Cup. I mean, I remember my first time seeing it,” said Mike Bolt.

The cup also made surprise visits at a softball field in Belmont and a firehouse in Shrewsbury.

By the way, the names of this year’s Bruins aren’t engraved on it yet. That won’t happen until mid-September.

Before the cup hit the road Wednesday night, it spent some time over at 98.5 The Sports Hub. Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak had their chance to pose with the cup.

Comments (2)
  1. lauren says:

    where is the video?!?!!?

  2. Joe Loiselle says:

    Great, 98.5 gets to have a lunar eclipse photograph with Gresh casting shadow of the cup. Poor Zolak.

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