BOSTON (CBS) – The Masters. The U.S. and British Opens. The PGA Championship. 

What do they all have in common? Not one has been responsible for the kind of carnage and human suffering that was on display at the first annual Who’s Your Caddy Classic, held Tuesday at Shining Rock Golf Club in Northbridge, MA.

What made 98.5 The Sports Hub decide this was a good idea?  Nothing, except that it was a chance to raise money for Children’s Hospital.

Everything else was a disaster.

Ok, maybe I’m overstating the misery of the event. I mean, everyone had a good time. The golf course was spectacular. Food was sensational. Weather couldn’t have been more perfect. But I played like an epileptic clam shucker on PCP, and my teammates were almost as bad. 

Photos: 98.5 The Sports Hub’s 1st Annual “Who’s Your Caddy? Classic” 

Sure, we posted an 8 under par 64 in the scramble format. What’s so awful about that? Well, we carded a DOUBLE BOGEY 5 on a par 3 for starters. Bogeys are pretty much unforgivable in a scramble, and we made double. As my teammate Tony Massarotti would say, “Suck, suck, suck.”

It would be easy to focus on Mazz and his stellar driving of the ball all day, or Mark Bertrand’s 20 foot birdie putt our final hole. Even more memorable was Mike Felger’s uncanny iron play.  The guy is a stick. All over the pin on multiple occasions, and a decent driver of the ball as well. 

CBS Players Club: Hit The Links For Less

And in fairness to myself, I hit some glorious shots; two crisp 5 woods off the deck that set up birdies on 2 par fives, a couple big putts, and a few monster drives.

Pro Golf Challenge: Enter To Win an iPod Shuffle

But we all sucked on that par three 5th hole, and that’s what will haunt me until next year’s event. That, and the sound of Scott Zolak bellowing from the far reaches of the course, “Filet o’ Fish! Glow stick, glow stick, glow stick! Suck it Felger!”

Oh, and if you’re thinking that 8-under is still a respectable score, the winners posted a 17-under par 55. Seventeen.  Under par. On a course that doesn’t suffer fools, mind you. So while the victors and everyone else will no doubt take away nothing but fond memories of a beautiful day on a beautiful course, I’ll be thinking about that damn double bogey.

Until next year, Shining Rock.


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