WINCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire authorities say a man has been shot and killed by police in the town of Winchester after threatening the officers with a knife.

The incident happened shortly after 9 p.m. Monday in an apartment building on Keene Street after four police officers from Winchester and Swanzey responded to a call for a family dispute.

According to a statement issued by New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney and police, a woman outside the apartment told the officers that her husband was inside and armed with a knife.

Inside the apartment, police tried to convince the man to drop the knife and even used TASERs, but when he continued to advance on police, authorities said one of the officers opened fire, killing the man.

None of the officers was injured.

The dead man’s name was not immediately released.

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Comments (4)
  1. MKing says:

    Good aim…NOT. I guess shooting him in the leg or arms was out of the question.
    Good grief, talk about hired killers.

  2. Catelyn says:

    THANK YOU!!! and IF the police did taser him then he would have gone down quick. i know he would have. the police in winchester are so incompetent it isnt even fair.. if they had gotten someone to talk with him (which they didnt) he probably would have walked away unharmed. They would have gotten someone to talk to somebody jumping off a roof… well in Winchester they probably would have shot them too! thank you for saying that i know that my aunt would really appreciate you saying what we all have bene trying to say..

  3. Joe Astley says:

    Suicide by Cop? Sounds like it. The police seem more than glad to comply.

  4. CBrown says:

    I thnk they def. did not do it the right way he was shot in the arm BUT in the side of his arm and it went threw both lungs and his aorta. Hes 6 somethin there were swanzey and winchester cops there it wasnt even an officer tht wrks in this twn its unfair they should of brought a person to tlk instead im sure they had his guns drawn before they wlked threw tht door… Grrr it really upsets me to c a man dead and he had mental instabilities tht he cldnt afford the medication for he was a great man. But another thing is too he was suicidal and another is when u get taze someone u freeze if he had the knife in his hnd he wld of grasped it hrder. They tazed him 3 times only one hit i thnk when it hit he turned to like hold his side n they sht him but they were not there vry lng it took them longer to leave then it did for them to shoot him wth anyways it f ‘d up i hope they come to the bttm of wht REALLYhappened and chris u can rest in peace i kno u will!!

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