Montreal Police To Speak With Chara; Pacioretty Moving On

BOSTON (CBS) – Montreal authorities are finishing up their investigation into Zdeno Chara’s March hit on Max Pacioretty, with the Bruins defenseman the final person they need to speak with, according to the CBC.

Montreal police intend to speak to Chara in the next few weeks, but would not say when or where the meeting will take place.

“We haven’t met Chara, we don’t have his version of the facts, and also at the end of it, [a report is] gonna be presented to a crown prosecutor, and this is the person who will decide whether there will be some accusations,” said Montreal police Sgt. Ian Lafrenière in the CBC article.

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After speaking with Chara, authorities will decide whether to press charges for the hit.

Pacioretty suffered a severe concussion and fractured vertebrae after being checked into the stanchion at the Bell Centre on March 8. Chara was tossed from the game but did not receive a suspension for the hit.

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That sparked outcry in Montreal, with some fans calling 911 on Chara, eventually leading to the criminal investigation.

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Police were not able to speak with Chara during the NHL playoffs, but said the Bruins have been very cooperative during the investigation.


After news of the continued investigation came out Tuesday, Pacioretty tweeted that he hopes “Chara is NOT prosecuted. I have moved on from my incident and I hope everyone else can do the same.”

“All I am focused on is getting ready for next season, and will no longer comment on the past,” Pacioretty said in another tweet.

  • B's Fan

    OMG give me a break……..seriously!

  • edsb19612297

    LMAO! If Canada won the cup this would not be an issue!! Fk’n EH!!

    • Pete in Maine

      If Montreal had won the Cup they’d have burned the city down but I’d be ok with that.

  • Mike

    Montreal is just full of morons.

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  • Raylene

    I think they need to find somthing to due with themselves, remember it is a hockey game not a criminal act.

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  • blackbear1

    What happened to the once proud franchise of the Richard Brothers, Doug Harvey, Jean Belliveau, Jacques Plante etc?? Now they dive, fake, embellish and whine constatntly!! I still haven’t recovered from the guy who feigned injury, then went the bench laughing. This famous franchise is now full of “girly men” being supported by “whine bag” fans. No spine, no mojo!! They ghosts of the past are turning in their graves.

  • Pat Heggblod

    Will the league do the same for the biting of the bruins player? No, would be the answer to that. What a bunch of babies on Montreal. What happened to the real men of Montreal?

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