By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

BOSTON (CBS) – He was one of Whitey Bulger’s closest confidants. Now, Kevin Weeks is breaking his silence about his former mob boss’ return to Boston.

“I don’t believe anyone back here would be willing to help him,” says Weeks. “A lot of people in the underworld are upset that Steve Flemmi and Jim Bulger were informants.”

But while Flemmi sits in prison on a list of murder convictions, Weeks never dreamed Bulger would end up there too.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports.

Listen: Kevin Weeks Says Bulger Wasn’t ‘Coming Back To Write Memoirs’

Last week, Kevin Weeks told WBZ-TV the FBI would never find Bulger. At that time, he was promoting his second book, called, “Where’s Whitey?” Two days later, the FBI answered that question with Bulger’s capture.

“I would have never believed it. I thought he would die somewhere and that would be the end of it,” says Weeks.

Weeks added that when he saw Whitey’s booking photo, “It reminded me of one of those old toy stories from Christmas, the Santa Claus character.”

As for Bulger’s companion Catherine Greig, Weeks says he would not be surprised if Bulger threatened her and forced her to stay with him. “She may have feared for her life,” says Weeks.

For his own part in Bulger’s Winter Hill Gang, Weeks is remorseful. He says Bulger’s return brings back tough memories.

“I can’t defend myself. I committed a lot of crimes. I did a lot of terrible things, so I move on, and every day I tell myself I’m not going to do anything wrong today. I’ve served my time, I’ve made my peace with myself, and if there’s a God, he’ll be the one to judge me afterwards,” said Weeks.


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