By Jon Keller, WBZ-TV Political EditorBy Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – It wasn’t enough for Whitey Bulger to spend the better part of five decades flooding this city with drugs, terrorizing its people, corrupting the local FBI and digging shallow graves.

Now he has to add insult to devastating injury by claiming he can’t get a fair trial here.

“The jury pool has surely been tainted by the flood of publicity about this case over the last 25 years,’’ his attorney writes in documents filed in US District Court.

Really? Just from following media coverage of the reaction to Whitey’s arrest, it seems there are plenty of locals quite ready to hear his side of the story.

Whitey was a charming guy, you hear them saying on the radio and TV, and he did good things for a lot of people. He liked animals, we’re told. And don’t forget all the local widows whose rescue he came to with cash or gift turkeys at holiday time back in the good old days, before the souls of all the bodies he left to rot in those shallow graves started clamoring too loudly for justice.

And Whitey’s taxpayer-funded legal team can always call as a character witness Lindsey Cyr, the old girlfriend he once had a child with, who was on public TV last night recalling the happy days with Whitey and channeling some of his contempt for his victims, suggesting at one point that some of them brought it on themselves because they enjoyed the largess of Bulger and his fellow thugs.

Just because I find such comments physically revolting, doesn’t mean others will.

Keller @ Large: Bulger and a Fair Trial

And when I read that Bulger fears his constitutional rights may be violated, I have to laugh. Since when did Whitey Bulger care about anyone’s rights?

The truth is, contrary to the defense spin, there is no place in the world where Whitey can get a fairer trial then here. That is, if you believe, as defense lawyers often do not, that a truly fair trial will lead to justice being done.

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  1. DrStrangelove says:

    If Whitey wanted his version of a “fair trial,” he should’ve kept funnelling that money to his buddies at the State House/FBI/justice dept instead of hoarding it in an apartment in California. He got greedy; We got lucky; He gets jail time = Fair Trial

  2. ENUFF says:

    Give him a colonial trial. Bind him in heavy chains and throw him in a lake. If he sinks, he’s guilty. If he floats he’s innocent.

  3. tsal says:

    Jon you are right that he will get a far better trial here than anywhere else. No matter who he is, since our country was founded on the right to a fair trial, I also believe he is entitled to one.

  4. Sarah Wells says:

    Actually, Whitey’s lawyer is making that point, and it’s a valid one. It’s good that he raises it now, so that a later conviction isn’t thrown out.

    1. tsal says:

      I agree it is a valid one and that it be addressed now so it is not thrown out. No one wants to prolong this. I also agree with Jon that there may be more people here who would be more open to a fair trial than in other parts of the country. Many people in this are will remain loyal to “the family” and I’m not sure that would be the case anywhere else.

  5. Joe says:

    Whitey, I agree! Let’s let the two death penalty equipped southern states try you first. I’m sure they will give you the ‘fair trial’ you so desperately deserve!

    1. mikey says:

      We posted at nearly the same time echoing the same thought, what are the chances?

  6. mikey says:

    Ship Bulger to Oklahoma or Florida where he’s wanted on murder charges, states where the death penalty is considered an option with respect to sentencing.

  7. DrStrangelove says:

    BRILLIANT IDEA, gents. Give the lawyer and Whitey what they want. Massachusetts will even spring for the travel expenses, needels, and potassium chloride. Heck, I’ll pay for it myself!

  8. fred says:

    I would love to be a juror for his trial. I would find him innocent of all charges. One reason would be to give the FED’s (FBI) a giant middle finger for being acomplases to mass murder. The other would be to expedite his return to Oklahoma to face the justice that he deserves.

  9. tsal says:

    Apparently he will have a high powered law firm representing him – now there’s a surprise. I know everyone is calling for the death penalty but my guess is that by the time the trial actually takes place and is over and there is a waiting period, he’ll be dead anyway. And since he has signs of dementia let’s get him tried while he knows what is going on.

  10. emom says:

    REALLY he will not get a fair trial,,, NO DUH,,,, But hey did he give anyone a FAIR TRAIL… I doubt it… He does not deserve any rights, he skipped town for years, hurt plenty of folks, took advantage of them and he expects rights,,,,, BUT WAIT he will get a swanky corner cell, with a wonderfull view, and all the luxury of someone living the high life. he will have a a huge flat screen, a fridge, special foods, clothes, the newspaper, books, and what ever else he choices…. just wait and its the people of this STATE once again that will sufffer since we will be the ones that will pay for every thing he gets,,,,, Yeah isnt prison life so freakin grand.

  11. BostonIrish says:

    Whitey is pretty smart, savvy and resourceful. Should be interesting how this all unfolds. It’s gonna happen anyway. Might as well be entertaining. Then fry him.

  12. DrStrangelove says:

    Good idea! Fry him then serve him up on Revere Beach like yesterday’s clams so we can all claim a piece of him.

  13. jaygee says:

    I have a funny feeling that by the time this is over, Jimmy B. will get 3-5 with time served. He’ll be back at Castle Island having hot dogs at Sullivans and getting a nice tan. Then again, all this talk about sending him to Florida or Oklahoma, executing him, along with making movies and writing books is a joke.
    The guy is 81, many of the murders were done by someone else who is out of jail and let’s face it, Whitey isn’t going anywhere.

  14. Cinque says:

    Jon, I think that most of ou who read books or have been around Boston for the past 30 years have a good understanding of what Mr. Bulger and his amigos have done but I must say that I’m surprised that as a member of the media, you sound more like someone who wants to break into the jail, take him out and hang him without a trial. Please, correct me if I’m mistaken.

  15. ENUFF says:

    Whitey Bulger is an especially heinous criminal. A trial is wasted on him, the same way a trial was wasted on Jeffrey Dahmer.

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