Gresh & Zo were out playing in The 1st Annual Sports Hub…Who’s Your Caddy? Classic today, so Cattles and Keefe took over the mid-day.

 Cattles was surfing the web last night and read an article where Tedy Bruschi said Jerod Mayo within the next two years is going to be the best linebacker in football. That sparked Cattles to think about where Mayo is in his career and the other Boston teams and where the young guys are at this point.

Who’s the next star in Boston?

The guys went team by team and discussed who they think will be the next star in town. Could it be Rajon Rondo for the Celtics? What about second round draft pick last year for the Bruins, Tyler Seguin? Would Jacoby Ellsbury be in consideration with what happened to him last season and will he even be around long enough having Scott Boras as an agent?

Is Bruschi right with his comment about Mayo?

Gresh & Zo also called in from the course to update the guys on how great it was to be out golfing.


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