The Red Sox started their 9 game NL road trip this weekend and didn’t fair so well against the Pittsburgh Pirates only winning 1 of 3.

Peter Abraham spoke with Toucher & Rich about interleague play, Adrian Gonzalez and Andrew Miller.

Terry Francona kept Adrian Gonzalez out of right field this weekend. The guys discussed which position holds more risk of injury, first base or injury.

“He [Gonzalez] thinks he would be less likely to be injured in the outfield because he would be more cautious. He wouldn’t do anything crazy, he would just take the balls he could get to and not do anything that would put himself in danger,” Abraham said.

They also talked about interleague play, who has more of an advantage AL teams or NL teams after Kevin Youkilis complained that interleague play was unfair?

The guys also discussed the Red Sox bullpen. If Andrew Miller stays in the lineup who do you move to the bullpen once Clay Buchholz returns?

And, what do the Red Sox do about J.D. Drew, do they try and move him and get something for him now?


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