By Paula Ebben, WBZ-TVBy Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) – What do you get the pet that has everything?  There are some pretty unbelievable options now available.

Pet owners don’t mind spending on their furry friends.  Take Barbara Babikian, for example.  She says she lays out $300-$500 a month on her dog Lillie.

For starters, you can bring a little music into your pet’s life according to lifestyle expert Charlotte Reed.  “This is the world’s first sound system for pets.  It adjusts the levels for treble and bass so it’s a soothing experience for your pet,” she explained.

WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben reports.

You can even buy your cat an iPhone and get an app called “Cat Toy,” or set up a Twitter account for your dog so you never have to really be apart from your canine companion.

“You’re seeing puppy tweets where animals are actually moving around and tweeting you during day while you’re at the office,” Reed said.

Another trend is to get games that encourage movement, which helps fight the obesity problem facing so many pets.  There are also special dishes available which moderate just how much your pet can eat.

Every cat owner knows kitty litter gets expensive and dirty.  Reed says it’s possible to potty train your cat to use your toilet.  “There’s a tray very similar to the surface of the litter box, so he’ll jump on the seat and then you gradually move away from the tray.”

Other products are also eco-friendly, according to Reed. “We’re seeing harnesses and sweaters and coats made out of plastic, recycled water bottles.  We’re seeing beds now that are actually made so that you can take old clothing and then stuff them inside the shell.”

These items might seem crazy and excessive to people without pets, but they’re worth it to some pet owners.

Babikian said, “I don’t have children so Lillie is like a child, a fur child.”


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