BOSTON (CBS) – Looking for some peace and quiet? Starting Monday, you can find that on the Commuter Rail.

As of Monday, each Commuter Rail train will have a designated “Quiet Car” where riders are urged not to talk on their cell phones and to just keep the volume down in general.

The quiet car concept has already been tested on the Fitchburg line, where some riders said they appreciated it.

“I certainly think it’s a good idea,” one commuter said.  “I often used it when I could, but I was disappointed when I found that a fair number of conductors didn’t take the experiment seriously.”

“People would be noisy, and the conductors wouldn’t do anything,” he continued.

The MBTA says conductors will not enforce the program with penalties, but will hand out cards explaining the concept to passengers talking too loudly.

Other riders in North Station said they thought the Quiet Car program was a good idea, but one said he hoped it wouldn’t go too far.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030′s Doug Cope reports.

“Peace and quiet? Yeah, as long as it’s not in every car,” said this rider. “One car is fine.”

More information about the commuter rail’s new Quiet Car can be found on the MBTA website.

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