Drunk Teen Falls 20 Feet At Alewife MBTA Station

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – A drunk 18-year-old fell 20 feet from the handrail of an escalator at the Alewife MBTA Station this weekend, according to the MBTA.

The teen was rushed to the hospital and is doing OK.

He has been released and is not facing any charges.

  • Andrew L. Carter

    “DRUNK teen” and “NO charges filed” What the F is wrong with this country?

  • emom

    REALLY,,,, how long will it be before this teens family files a huge LAWSUIT against the MBTA…. I am no fan of the T, BUT this clearly shows this teen was acting out of control. And what a video to show his mother and father…. ANOTHER CASE of teens just being teens,,,, will they ever truely get the message….. Fools beings Fools.

  • msw

    Funny video – heehee

    • KF4766

      There is NOTHING funny aboaut this! Underage drinking is a real problem and charges not being filed just tells these kids that as long as no one dies it okay.to drink!

  • dripable service

    I do not disagree with you..

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