MEDFIELD (CBS) – An elderly man died in the woods of Medfield Saturday night while trying to find his model airplane after it went down.

Police said the victim was hunting for that model plane in a marshy area by the Charles River, and that’s where he somehow drowned.

His body was recovered by the Massachusetts State Police dive team after a search that included police dogs and helicopters.

The man’s name has not yet been released.

Comments (5)
  1. Riger says:

    Not sure if the man who drowned had a chance of surviving, but one must wonder about the operations of the Medfield Fire Departmnt. The Board of Selectman should ask the Fire Chief what his department does and who they call (or don’t call) when they are called to treat a patient with a life threatening injury or illness? Are there established written policies and protocols? Talk to Medfield Firefighter Richard Rogers, there’s a story there. What happens when a firefighter doesn’t follow policies and delay’s care to a patient?

  2. Cinque says:

    Hey, I thought this story was about a guy who drowned attempting to save his runaway model airplane. I suggest that Roger & Bob meet on North Street and slug it out.

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