BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts State Police officials say an Illinois man has been arrested, accused of making threats to security personnel at Logan International Airport before boarding a Chicago-bound flight.

The state police say in a statement officers were called to a Southwest Airlines security checkpoint at approximately 5:35 p.m. Saturday following a report that a man was making threats to Transportation Security Administration workers. Officials say the man said he had “guns and bombs” in his checked luggage, specifically an AK-47 machine gun and hand grenades.

Troopers arrested 22-year-old Joseph Haynes of Chicago for making a false bomb threat and disorderly conduct.

Haynes’ carry-on bags were searched at the checkpoint and his checked luggage was removed and searched. Officials say no firearms or explosives were found.

The checkpoint was closed for about 20 minutes while state police investigated.

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Comments (3)
  1. emom says:

    Strap that man to the tail of the plane and then take off. Why do some try that. GOD, what was his beef with security,,, did they screen his undies, or was he just in a bad ticked off mood that day. All he managed to do is p*ss of other passengers going thru security and may have delayed a few.. NICE Hope federal prison is NICE to you.. NOT

    1. Suzanne says:

      Well like the writers of this article, you should find out FACTS before you spout your uneducated opinions. This was a case of extreme overreaction caused by the color of the man’s skin and a racist middle aged TSA white man. The accused never said “guns, bombs, AK-47, or grenades” as the article says he specifically did. The article is not only missing most of what actually happened, it also is blatantly wrong about almost all the facts except the accused’s name, city of residence, and date it happened.

  2. thor's hammer says:

    good idea emom. no doubt we’ll hear one of the following at his arraignment: 1) i was only kidding, 2) i had a couple of drinks, 3) i’m on medication and it was the drugs talking. after several dope slaps to the head, instead of creating additional drag on the plane and delaying passengers during your proposed punishment, i have another idea. take him to the desert southwest hand about 200 ft of rope to a cowboy who’s breaking in a new horse and take the dude for a scenic tour of sagebrush, tumbleweed & cactus country. oops the rope is dropped somewhere along the way and he has to walk (did i say the nearest town is about 200 miles away. who’s sorry now?

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