BOSTON (CBS) – Now that Whitey Bulger is in custody, the families of his alleged victims hope he’ll be able to take “this story to the next level,” according to Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen.

“That is, to identify others, corrupt law enforcement officials, politicians, whoever assisted him in his long reign of terror,” Cullen told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mary Blake Saturday.

He said there’s been at least a half-dozen FBI agents who have been implicated in accepting money, bribes, and gifts from Bulger.

“I’ve been told over the years that the reason these agents have not faced criminal charges is because there was no corroboration of the stories told by Whitey Bulger’s criminal cohorts.”

“There is some potential corroboration now, it’s name is Whitey Bulger. How much credibility he would have in the eyes of a jury is another person’s call.”

Cullen talks to Mary Blake about how Southie has changed

It is the beginning of the end, if Bulger, who is now 81, is willing to cooperate with investigators.

“He must sit there, knowing no matter what deal he cuts, he’s going to die in custody.”

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Cullen noted that “it’s very critical” that the FBI cannot be the only agency to question Bulger because “there’s an inherent conflict of interest there.”

“Getting more information from Bulger about who he used, who he extorted, who he shook down and who he paid off is critical now,” Cullen told WBZ.

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“Whitey Bulger has got to be interrogated and de-briefed by people outside the FBI.”

Cullen said there are just three people best suited to do that:

State Police Detective Lieutenant Steve Johnson, DEA Special Agent Dan Doherty and Assistant U.S. Attorney Fred Wyshak.

“These guys know which questions to ask. When they get Bulger in a room, he will not be able to lead them. They will lead him,” Cullen said.

“They are the people who have been the rock of this investigation. They have stayed with it through the years. They know every player. They know every victim.”

“If they don’t get access to Whitey Bulger, then we will know its par for the course.”

Comments (7)
  1. Herculano Fecteau says:

    Poor old Whitey — when he finally gets the Commonwealth taxpayer-financed prison health care he decided to come out of hiding for, you know that either the mob members that he crossed, or the FBI, or an incarcerated family member of one of his many murder victims is going to make sure there’s a deadly dose of morphine in his intravenous drip.

  2. J.C.A. says:

    I’m sure the FBI is now questioning who’s going down with whitey. There has to be more to the story…and if he rats them out…they’re going to look REAL BAD!

    I’m sure he’s smart enough to play that card too! I’m guessing the FBI is about to pass a few bricks if others get to question him too. ;)~

  3. Jim Donovan says:

    Wow Kevin Cullen knows everything. I never realized a news paper reporter was such a genius. He hides it so well in his columns.

    1. Ennisman says:

      Excuse me Jim but me thinks you don’t know what ye are talking about.
      Kevin has been all over and tells it like it is and to say otherwise is a bit
      ……..let’s see……stupid……dumb……..or in denial.

  4. jaygee says:

    They may question him but since he has nothing to gain and nothing more to lose, then why does anyone think that anything he says would be believable? It’s all over for Jimmy. He is aware of that so let’s leave it at that. There are too many people who watch too much garbage on television and think that everything is either a conspiracy, a coverup or one big enigma. Whitey may have been a pseudo-rat but he only gave information that wouldn’t hurt his operation. Just like Jerry Angiulo, he could have been a great success if he played it straight.

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