BOSTON (CBS) – Whitey Bulger has been described as ruthless, vicious and compassionless, even by people who were close to him.

Those who knew Bulger say he enjoyed killing.

“The guy was a complete animal,” said former Bulger foot soldier Ed MacKenzie.

He may not look like an animal today, but members of his Winter Hill Gang say Whitey Bulger was a master of disguise.

“He used to go out on hits dressed as a woman, one time as a nun,” MacKenzie recalled.

“He was Vlad the Impaler. The guy ate his own young. He used everybody and abused everybody. He was a complete sociopathic serial killing pedophile machine.”

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager talked to one of Bulger’s former associates

Still, MacKenzie said the one who would know that best is Kevin Weeks, Bulger’s former right-hand man.

Weeks gave a similar description of Bulger in a ’60 Minutes’ interview.

Kevin Weeks calls into Nightside with Dan Rea

“He stabbed people, he beat people with bats, he shot people, strangled people, run them over with cars. After he would kill somebody, it was like a stress release,” Weeks said in that interview.

“That’s why I compared him to Hannibal Lecter. Brilliant crazy.”

MacKenzie says it’s the “brilliant” part of Bulger that would have enabled him to survive on the lam for so long.

He says Whitey spent his one prison stint in Alcatraz studying up on how to disappear at a moment’s notice and he says it’s something Whitey was proud of, and used to brag about specifically.

MacKenzie and Weeks both served time in prison for their parts in Bulger’s gang. They have both written books about their experiences.

Comments (7)
  1. Tom K says:

    Please stop, Eddie MacKenzie was NOT a Bulger “foot soldier, he was/is an idiot who bought over priced low potencey cocaine from Bulger associates and then “bragged” he was in Bulger’s inner circle after getting arrested with 50 other people on a cocaine sting that never came close to Bulger. MacKenzie isn’t even from South Boston, it’s really a shame this guy gets any credibility at all, aren’t reporters supposed to research thier articles before allowing them to be printed as fact by a major media outlet? Please stop giving this guy a forum to fabricate, he couldn’t tell the truth if he was sitting in God’s lap.

    1. Willow says:

      Tom, isn’t it amazing how they all come out of the woodwork with a tale to tell? Where were all these folks before they finally caught up with Whitey?

  2. Buddy says:

    Eddie Mackenzie, John Mortarano, Kevin “Two Weeks” Or Kevin “Squeaks” whatever you want to call them are all free roaming the streets of Boston. How is this just considering the amount of people that were killed by Mortarano and Squeaks? As far a Mackenzie he along with the rest of the Winter Hill gang are all cowards that should be locked up abroad with no chance of parole.

    John Connolly the former FBI agent is in jail and so should the prosecuter and judge who allowed these folsk to go free. Murderer’s free roaming the streets among the people that had loved ones killed in Boston.

    Tell me where is the justice in catching Whitey? As far as I am concerned it means nothing. He will most likely get a sweetheart deal like the others!

  3. Rick M says:

    Buddy, I beg to differ.I mean they didn’t spend millions of dollars+ and 20+ years seeking this P.O.S out, just to hand the man a deal.
    He will be put to death in under a year just for the embarrassment alone, he caused The Massachusetts State Police and the F.B.I

  4. John Pretzi says:

    How do they get McKenzie.
    This always amazes me . This guy is a total fraud, and the only one that places him in the gang is himself.
    There were about 3-4 people in the gang thats it. Everyone else was just a pawn. Shea took it like a man and found out years later that he was duped. But Mckenzie was a low level drug dealer at best.

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