BOSTON (CBS) – Former fugitive mobster James “Whitey” Bulger ‘s arrest Wednesday in southern California is among the biggest stories over the last two decades since he began his run from the law 16 years ago.

When Bulger first fled authorities, the Internet was in its infancy. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was only 10 years old. Twitter was more than 10 years from being launched.

Photos: Whitey Through The Years

But, when word of Bulger’s arrest spread across several media streams, people gave their raw reactions.

We asked one simple question: “Did you think authorities would ever arrest Whitey Bulger?”

Here’s what some of you said:

“No… I’m stunned. The guy’s been gone for 17 years, with no reliable sightings in years? Thought he’d die in hiding. Stunned.” – @ChrisAla3 on Twitter

“I don’t know. Given all the sting-potential-terrorist stories that were out there, this wasn’t on my mind.” – @efleischer on Twitter

“I didn’t even think they would see his dead body….” – Jamie told WBZ-TV on Facebook.

“I thought Elvis would show his face before Whitey” – Jennifer told WBZ-TV on Facebook.

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“That would be a no. With the capture and killing of Osama, the winning of the Stanley Cup by the Bruins, and now Whitey, anyone want to hazard a guess about what the next “Never-in-a-million-years-did-I-think-they-would…” event is going to be? I’ll play: Authorities have a break in the Gardner Museum heist case and find one or more of the stolen artwork by the end of the year. Others?” Susan told WBZ-TV on Facebook. Good question Susan. That could be next.

“No way…I thought the FBI whacked him a long time ago…” – David told WBZ-TV on Facebook.

“I agree …never thought I’d see the day he got caught. Justice prevailed!” – Sandra told WBZ-TV on Facebook.

Comments (6)
  1. South Bound says:

    There was a system of checks and balances when the Winter Hill Gang trolled Southie. No petty B/S small time crackhead terror crime went on. There was fear and respect. The thief feares them and the honest residents respected them.The Cpos didn’t do their jobs so there was Whitey. This is tip of the iceberg, wait to he starts singing. He has had a time to think about this moment. I think the FBI really didn’t want to find him. Or maybe they we’re really looking to hard. 16 years ? Ok

  2. amauibaby says:

    Now we tax payers get to foot the bill again. Putting him up in jail-running him through the court system-better if he had just died. The lies he will be set to tell are probably for a new tabloid “Undeparted” – don’t think you will hear the truth!

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