BOSTON (CBS) – Jon Keller says Whitey Bulger’s execution can’t come soon enough.

Dan Rea says Whitey lived a life of freedom that he never deserved.

Howie Carr couldn’t believe Whitey Bulger went out with such a whimper.

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Comments (4)
  1. Anne Morad says:

    Now that Whitey’s been found I hope that the last years of his life will be made as uncomfortable as legally possible. Putting him to death would be difficult at his age since he would probably die before such a sentence could be carried out. He deserves no mercy and should suffer as he made so many others suffer.

  2. Joan Hogan says:

    Many questions need to be answered. HOW did Whitey Bulger Gain Re- Entry
    to The US Without being Noticed. How DId he and Catherine Greig, get new Identities. How Did theyGet A Subsidized Unit, Where did the Money Come From.

  3. Greg says:

    OK…They got Whitey. How about some other freakin’ news. The world hasn’t stopped turning just because he’s in custody. There are other things happening in Boston and around New England. Just like every other news outlet…if it’s sensational it not only leads, it pushes every other important story into the background. More news, less infotainment, please.

  4. Joan Hogan says:

    Whitey Bulger obviously wanted a Media Name / He used The Alias Ted Baxter.
    If people Remember Ted Baxter Was A Name of a News Broadcaster who
    starred On The1970″s Series The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

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