The Bruins season is now over and now the focus turns to the Red Sox.

Sean McAdam spoke with Toucher & Rich about Adrian Gonzalez possibly playing the outfield when visiting NL ballparks, J.D. Drew and the bullpen.

When there were talks of Gonzalez playing the outfield people assumed that it would be left with the injury of Carl Crawford. Yesterday Gonzalez was taking practice in right. McAdam told the guys that right is where Gonzalez feels more comfortable playing because when he has had outfield experience that is where it has come from. Is Terry Francona just fed up with J.D. Drew?

“Francona keeps saying that he thinks Drew has one of those hot streaks left in him. I think maybe he’s trying to be optimistic there because it certainly doesn’t seem like it’s coming anytime soon,” McAdam said of the right fielder.

Could McAdam see Drew retiring after this season? Does he seem like a guy that doesn’t like to play?

“I don’t know about not like to play, but I do agree that mentally it seems like he’s checked out already,” McAdam told the morning crew.

The guys moved on to the Sox bullpen and the team doing well despite injury. Where does Tim Wakefield fit into this lineup if Andrew Miller continues to pitch well? Would people look at Wakefield differently if he wasn’t a knuckleballer?


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