Keller @ Large: Edit Out The Binge Drinking

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s become something of a new national pastime, criticizing the news media for reporting stories that we don’t want to hear about for whatever reason.

When a Republican politician’s daughter makes a mockery of the pol’s advocacy for abstinence, coverage of it is evidence of left-wing media bias.

When a congressman gets caught with his pants down on the Internet, reporters who cover it are part of the right-wing attack machine.

When it’s embarrassing to someone we like, suddenly the press is not supposed to cover certain trials, report on political corruption, and so on.

It’s self-serving and foolish.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – let the truth come out, and let the chips fall where they may.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

But that doesn’t mean the media shouldn’t exercise discretion.

We do it every day, the responsible outlets among us at least. It’s called editing.

Stories often never see the light for some compelling reason, and I have no problem with that.

I just think some of that good judgment should have been extended to coverage of some of the Bruins championship celebrations that involved binge drinking by the players.

We saw it in the locker room in Vancouver after Game Seven, not just a champagne toast and everybody getting sprayed, but players guzzling booze in great quantities right there on live TV.

And we saw it yesterday in photos and news accounts of the bingeing that went on when the champs partied down at Foxwoods last weekend, running up a $156,000 bar tab in four hours.

Please, do not send me hate mail.

My love for the Bruins is second to no one, and they have every right to celebrate their accomplishment in any way they choose.

They are all great community role models with the charity work they do and the work ethic they demonstrate.

I just wish we in the media had showed the good sense to not show the binge drinking that followed their triumph.

We ought not to casually allow a message to be sent to the many young kids who worship the Bruins that binge drinking is an essential part of victory.

We had a chance to do them, and ourselves, a favor by turning the cameras aside and omitting certain details, and we blew it.

Maybe next time we’ll get it right.

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