Former Boston Celtic, Brian Scalabrine spoke with Toucher & Rich about calling WNBA game for the Connecticut Sun, one day calling Celtics games and the future of his NBA career with an impending lockout.

Since there might not be a season next year how does Scal see his career going now that he’s a free agent?

“If it gets going to far I’ll probably go see what it’s like in Europe and play over there and if it gets solved then I’ll give it another shot,” Scalabrine told the morning crew.

They discussed the owners asking the players to sacrifice hundreds of millions of dollars because owners say they are loosing money. What does Scal think about all of this?

Scalabrine said, “They have the right as owners to want to make money in their business, they absolutely have that right. I question why so much?”

The guys also discussed how the NBA is thinking about structuring current contracts?

They also talked about the Dallas Mavericks beating the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. Was the loss by the Heat good for the game as far as deterring players from trying to make a super team? Is LeBron James considered weak mentally by players in the league?

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