After spending almost a week soaking in the Bruins’ Stanley Cup victory, Felger & Massarotti opened today’s show by finally getting back to baseball talk and the resurgent Boston Red Sox. The Sox push to finally recapture first place has often been neglected throughout the Bruins’ run to the Cup, but Feler & Mazz are finally ready to give the Sox their due and kicked off today discussing Andrew Miller’s first start in a Red Sox uniform, and previewing the Sox upcoming interleague road-trip.

Miller, who is a former first round draft pick, has struggled throughout his career despite the enormous amount of hype that surrounded him when he first got the call to the big leagues. The Sox decided to take a chance on developing him, even though he currently is sporting a 5.82 career ERA, but last night’s performance has Tony and Mike feeling encouraged about his potential. While Miller appears to have justified the Sox taking a chance on him, Felger & Mazz still wonder how he fits into the rotation, whether or not he could be a viable alternative in the bullpen, how much his prior struggles can be blamed on improper development or unfavorable situations, and how good he could potentially be if he can find his confidence and maintain his control.

Felger & Mazz are trying to temper their enthusiasm and not jump the gun on praising Miller, as many tend to over hype hard-throwing lefty hurlers. What will last night’s game ultimately mean for the Red Sox pitching staff down the line? And, perhaps more pressingly, what other roster changes should we expect to see heading into this years first interleague road trip?


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