Neighbor Complaints Force Monson Tornado Victims To Move Temporary Home

MONSON (CBS) – A family in Monson, who lost their entire house to a devastating tornado on June 1, is now having to deal with insulting complaints from neighbors.

Tina and Corey Partlow set up a temporary mobile home, paid for by insurance, on the property of Tina’s mother while they wait for their Bethany Road home to be rebuilt.

But, someone called the town to complain about this temporary solution. The Partlows say they had verbal permission from the town to set up the home while waiting for the paper permit.

“It’s unbelievable somebody could be so cold and callous after what everyone in town has gone through. We’re living in an eyesore, this whole town is devestated by the tornado,” said Tina Partlow.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports.

“It’s not bringing home values down, it’s a temporary fix and it will be gone,” said Corey Partlow.

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Their home is now being demolished on a street littered with piles of debris where houses once stood.

Regardless of the issue, the family has been told to move as soon as possible, and they are now in the process of scheduling the job. The Partlows say their lot is barely big enough to house the mobile home while still leaving room for new construction.

They also said they can’t deal with the emotion of living among the ruins.

“I don’t want my kids to wake up to the destruction every morning. It’s better for them to heal first,” said Corey Partlow.

They plan to rebuild their home on the same site.

The couple says they have no idea who called in the complaints, and Tina’s mother Karen McDonald says she has never had any problems with her neighbors.

But for now, they just want that person who complained to call authorities and tell them the home is not a problem where it is.

“The whole town’s been destroyed and you think they’d have some compassion,” said Corey Partlow. “You think they would realize the tornado victims who don’t have a house to go to.”

Tina Partlow was home at the time the tornado hit, seeking shelter in the basement.

“The sounds and then walking out and kicking our way out of the house through all the debris and seeing the landscape changed,” she says is something she will never forget.

Watching their home in ruins is the eyesore the Partlows can’t live with.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano contributed to this report.

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