Neighbor Complaints Force Monson Tornado Victims To Move Temporary Home

MONSON (CBS) – A family in Monson, who lost their entire house to a devastating tornado on June 1, is now having to deal with insulting complaints from neighbors.

Tina and Corey Partlow set up a temporary mobile home, paid for by insurance, on the property of Tina’s mother while they wait for their Bethany Road home to be rebuilt.

But, someone called the town to complain about this temporary solution. The Partlows say they had verbal permission from the town to set up the home while waiting for the paper permit.

“It’s unbelievable somebody could be so cold and callous after what everyone in town has gone through. We’re living in an eyesore, this whole town is devestated by the tornado,” said Tina Partlow.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports.

“It’s not bringing home values down, it’s a temporary fix and it will be gone,” said Corey Partlow.

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Their home is now being demolished on a street littered with piles of debris where houses once stood.

Regardless of the issue, the family has been told to move as soon as possible, and they are now in the process of scheduling the job. The Partlows say their lot is barely big enough to house the mobile home while still leaving room for new construction.

They also said they can’t deal with the emotion of living among the ruins.

“I don’t want my kids to wake up to the destruction every morning. It’s better for them to heal first,” said Corey Partlow.

They plan to rebuild their home on the same site.

The couple says they have no idea who called in the complaints, and Tina’s mother Karen McDonald says she has never had any problems with her neighbors.

But for now, they just want that person who complained to call authorities and tell them the home is not a problem where it is.

“The whole town’s been destroyed and you think they’d have some compassion,” said Corey Partlow. “You think they would realize the tornado victims who don’t have a house to go to.”

Tina Partlow was home at the time the tornado hit, seeking shelter in the basement.

“The sounds and then walking out and kicking our way out of the house through all the debris and seeing the landscape changed,” she says is something she will never forget.

Watching their home in ruins is the eyesore the Partlows can’t live with.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano contributed to this report.

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  • Jannet

    They got a permit and were given permission to place it in the woods, right? Why should they have to move it?

    • Will

      Shame on that individual.

  • Ron

    They have to move because ONE IDIOT complained.

  • Mike

    Do not move it. You have all the proper permits from the Town!

  • brat

    Probably the same kinda people who would call the cops if a 6 year old set up a lemonade stand in their neighborhood, Seems to me that the tornado hit the wrong house. KARMA!

  • Cubby Shane Flynn

    what jerks……It does not surprise me that this person who called is without compassion…that is what the world is turning into and it makes me sick

  • decol

    I hope the people that complained about someone elses misfortune are proud of themselves! I hope someday you get the same treatment—see how you would like it.

  • Big Momma

    small town..most likely the person who complained either works for the town or knows someone. Your typical old cranky Yankee

  • Joe

    A word of advice to those that complained about a permitted and temporary solution for a family whose home was destroyed. I hope you read this and have a little trouble sleeping when you realize life has a funny way of coming full circle …………. KARMA IS A BIT#H!

  • Willow

    How unfortunate that some people have no compassion for others. This person is blessed that they have a home standing, but can only find fault for someone devastated by the tornado. I agree with others here. If they have the proper permit, then there’s no reason to move it. The same person will probably complain anyway that the trailer is on their property too.

    God bless thse folks, and I’m so sorry for their loss.

  • Jennifer

    How awful. Move your trailer back where it will do you the most good.
    Don’t be bullied by someone who clearly has issues and not very bright, afterall the cops know who called in the complaint, the phone number is now in thier log.

  • Al

    The cops aren’t very bright in this case. They should have explained to the complainer, that this is a temporay and permitted situation.
    Then they should have gone to their house and arrested them for stupidity.

  • Lori

    To all the families devasted by the tornados a few weeks ago… You have my thoughts & prayers for a quick cleanup and a super quick reply from your insurance companies. And to the neighbor who complained… didn’t you ever watch Mr. Rogers neighborhood? Be KIND to your neighbor. I guess you never learned the definition of the words kind and neighbor in vocabulary class.

  • jean

    There has to be more to the story than what is in this article. How can one neighbor’s complaint force them to move the house if they have all the necessary permits???

    • Rick Simon Sr

      I absolutely agree




  • sean

    I agree with Brat, the tornado hit the wrong house

  • me

    I find fault with the town. If the permits were acquired for a temporary solution, the response to the complaint should have been “Thanks for the call, the permits are in order, I trust you will drop the matter now.”

    Instead they actually brought it to the poor family and told them they have to move. What asshats.

    • Michelle

      good point!

  • emom

    WOW UNBELIEVEABLE, a self centered , self righteous , arrogant impassionate, cold hearted, empty husk of a subhuman………………. REALLY I wonder if that person who complained had either no damage or hardly no damage… COMPASSION, more like a person that bullies a lot of folks… Think about it. There is probably someone in that neighborhood that always complains, Bet It won’t be hard to tell WHO IT IS, Lets hope this person has not taught KIDS the same LACK OF RESPECT, Lack of moral code, Lets hope it’s a single cranky old fool, That is so lonely and miserable that all he or she has to do all day is WHINE & COMPLAIN……..OH YEAH KARMA is so waiting for that person…..

  • I_hate_the_south

    Here’s an idea- move to where there aren’t any tornados. That solves the problem of having to live in a trailer in the first damn place.

    • petem

      Do you have any idea what you’re talking about? This tornado happened in Massachusetts. we have maybe one tornado a year.
      Maybe you should move a place you could get an edumacation.

      • Online Posting is a waste of time

        What an idiotic statement that is. I guess this person doesn’t realize that tornadoes happen all over the country. This is the same type of person that would complain about a homeless family having a trailer to live in because they didn’t like how it looked. There screen name says it all. The first two words are I hate. Yes you do and it shows in the hateful words you used.

    • somepeopleyoujustcan'treach

      F ing Tool.

  • Michelle

    WOW what an idiot. They complained because the trailer was an eyesore, really???? What the heck to they think the tornado damage is, new decorations???? Some people just amaze me with their cold callousness and stupidity. I hope the complainer reads this post.

  • jc

    what ever happened to love thy neighbors as thyself? shame on them…

  • Glenn

    Sounds to me if they are being forced to move the temporary house on the counts that one person complained. That one person must be someone important in that town to have that kinda pull.

    I mean if they have a permit they should not have to move it. Shame on the idiot who complained – But what comes around goes around, that person who complained will find out someday in there life when they are in need.

  • ginnyB

    ugg… how stupid can some people be….. bet it would be different if the shoe was on the other foot….. some people have little else to do i guess…. would have been nice if the people that complained offered to help instead….

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    Why not publicize the name of the complainant? These people do not deserve anonymity.

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