BOSTON (CBS) – More than a dozen people were injured Sunday when a porch collapsed in Jamaica Plain.

Those people were partying on the second floor porch, about 25 feet off the ground, when the floor gave way underneath them. 

Piles of wood and siding landed on top of many of the victims.

“Some of them were caught under the debris. There were folks in the yard where the deck had come down on top of them,” said Boston EMS Dept. Superintendent Mike Bosse.

WBZ-TV’s David Robichaud reports

Sixteen people were taken to local hospitals with what Bosse describes as “head injuries, neck, back, some fractures,” but nothing life-threatening.

Boston Fire posted some frightening photos of the scene on its Twitter page.

Boston’s building inspectors were on the scene late Sunday night.

It was too soon to say whether any fines would be issued.

  1. BC says:

    Do tenants ever check the condition of their porches?? COME ON!!

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