A sunny and pleasant day today as dewpoints continue to drop making it feel very comfortable  outside.  Upper low over the maritimes wrapping in dry Canadian with building high pressure at the surface providing mainly dry pleasant conditions for the next 48 hours. High clouds from weakening mid-atlantic storms to our south have been spreading high to mid level clouds into southern New England. This will create a filtered appearance to the Sun today. Clear skies to the North today…but with cool pool of air aloft, those to the north have a chance a few puffy clouds forming this afternoon. Highs will be climbing into the the Lwr 80’s inland with breezy NW winds. PM sea breeze will be possible this afternoon to cool keep it in the 70’s at the beaches.

Clear skies with dry air will make for another comfortable night with lows in the lwr-mid 50’s with some high cloudiness. High pressure in Canada will slide south and east. Warming west winds will continue with periodic high altitude clouds especially in the south closer to a warm front well south of the region.  Highs will remain in the 80-85 range. Weak winds will allow winds to turn onshore of PM seabreeze still in the 70’s coast

Several complexes of showers and storms will be directed south and west of New England in NW flow aloft which should keep us dry through midweek. Periodic cloudiness from blowoff from these storms will make for more filtered sunshine. By Wednesday night, the upper flow will shift from dry ridging in a NW flow to a warmer more humid SW flow which will direct more clouds, overrunning warm air advection and the increased risk of periodic showers and storms in embedded shortwaves which will cross through as we head towards the weekend.

I think Wed night into Thursday will be out best chance of steady showers, but most of the activity will come in the form of scattered convection and downpours. We could remain on the cooler side of the front Thursday with east winds to keep temps in the 60’s, but once the warm front pushes through we will be back in the 70’s to end the week with warmer unstable conditions with scattered showers and storms. The whole pattern will try to push through by next weekend to give way to some increasing sun and lower humidity before the weekend is over.  Happy Father’s Day!

Comments (6)
  1. Italo says:

    Happy Dad Day to you and yours today, Joe! Thanks for all your hard work and engagement with us here on this blog, all year long! ;)

  2. JimmyJames says:

    Great blog Joe and Happy Father’s Day to you and all the dad’s out there.

  3. Gary says:

    Why can’t someone at your station fix the 7-day so the graphics and written portion are actually the same? I’m sick of hearing all the lame excuses.

  4. JimmyJames says:

    Gary the the text is from the National Weather Service not WBZ.

    1. gary says:

      Doesn’t excuse them for not having the two sync up.

      1. Mal says:

        Hey I’m with you Gary. Every time someone questions this topic the same standard answer of “it comes from the NWS” gets posted. Yes, we all know that. But why can’t BZ fix it? Do they not have anyone at their station that can do that? If they don’t, then that’s pretty sad.

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