BOSTON (AP) – A new analysis says more than one-third of Massachusetts prisoners with serious criminal convictions who were paroled over the past five years ended up back in prison.

The Boston Globe reports Sunday that its review found 69 of the 201 prisoners who were paroled from their sentences of 15 years to life ended up back behind bars.

Thirty were accused of committing new crimes — including violent offenses — and 39 others were sent back after parole violations.

The Massachusetts Parole Board’s new chairman says more rigorous decision standards are being adopted, so the parole rate is likely to drop.

The review comes after last December’s fatal shooting of a Woburn police officer by a career criminal, who had been released on parole despite receiving three previous life terms.

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Comments (4)
  1. Matt says:

    Once a criminal always a criminal. Just because some of them were not sent back does not mean they gave up the lifestyle. Give it time.

  2. chilitokid says:

    Let’s see….what type of skill does a parolee offer a potential employer? One might be that they can easily break into and drive off in a company vehicle if they lost the keys? Maybe a parolee can demonstrate to his potential roofing employer how fast he can get away with a competitors ladder? Or maybe a potential parolee can skillfully show a potential employer how well he can count a baker’s dozen while he works the 3rd shift at Bank of America in the money counting room?

  3. BC says:

    What does the rison system prepare them to do when they get out??? NOTHING!! The CORI law prevents released parolees from getting jobs. .Thus it is inevitable they will commit another crime and end up back in prison. The system keeps the prisons full. Prisons are BIG BUSINESS!!!

  4. mark says:

    Hey,I have a great idea! Let’s have the death penalty for rapists,child molesters,murderers and repeat violent criminals like that POS Cinelli.Jack Maguire was a good man,a good father and husband and a good police officer! I say line em’up out back of the courthouses and hang em’high! That cures recidivism for good! BC,maybe if they had paid attention in school,gotten a job or,say,joined the military after high school they would be productive members of society.Start at the beginning: if you can’t feed em’,don’t breed em’.Don’t keep pushing out kids when you have NO way possible of raising them.Stop welfare and hand-outs and the crime rate will plummet when they emigrate to another state. I don’t have 5 or 10 kids because I CAN’T AFFORD THAT MANY! Stop the nanny-state BS and the rest will fall into place or keep voting for Barney Fwank and the rest of the socialist idiots and let the status quo remain.

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