BOSTON (CBS) – Marc Savard was not able to be in Vancouver when the Boston Bruins won their first Stanley Cup in 39 years, but he is in town for the Championship parade on Saturday.

“It was amazing how the boys gelled and everything came together,” said the injured center, who only played 25 games in the regular season before returning to the IR after another concussion. “It’s been tough, that’s for sure. Especially watching and stuff like that. In the same sense I’m happy for the organization; all the players, staff and everyone put the time and got rewarded.”

He will also get to see the world’s most famous trophy for the first time in person.

“I just got in yesterday afternoon so I haven’t seen it yet,” he said. “It will be nice to see it up close.”

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Savard is still suffering post-concussion symptoms, stemming from a hit in February along with the Matt Cooke hit in 2010. While Savard says he is feeling better, there are still days where he has a lot of trouble doing everyday activities.

“I’m feeling better. My memory is the biggest thing. Mornings are tough. Besides that I’m doing better,” he said, still looking a bit distant and off.

Marc Savard Before The Parade

Savard attended some home games during the postseason, but elected to stay home for the Bruins Game 7 clincher in Vancouver. It is still tough for him to make long flights, and he also did not want take anything away from the Championship his teammates invested so much into.

“It was a weird feeling,” said Savard. “I kind of was around for a couple of games at home; I didn’t want to just stick my nose in it. The boys earned it; I didn’t want to take any of the spotlight or anything away from anyone that worked so hard.”

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There is no doubt Savard is still a Bruin, and the team wants his name along with everyone else’s when they are etched into the Stanley Cup.

“That’s special,” he said. “(Bruins GM) Peter (Chiarelli) has been fantastic to me since day one. He is one of the reasons I did come. Words can’t explain it right now. It’s been a long road, that’s for sure.”

As for a comeback, the 33-year-old said he was not really thinking about his future in the NHL.

“It’s really the furthest thing from my mind right now to be honest with you,” he said. “I just want to enjoy it here and let the boys take the spotlight because they’ve earned it.”

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  1. Jim Haines says:

    They won it for you Marc! You’ll always be part of our team and in our hearts. God Bless you and get well soon! We love you Savvy!!!

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