BOSTON (CBS) – Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs made a rare public appearance at the Bruins Stanley Cup rolling rally Saturday morning and one of his jokes didn’t go over so well with the crowd.

“What an incredible day in this city,” he said in the pre-parade ceremony in the Garden parking lot before a crowd of thousands of Bruins fans.

“I just want to say Lord Stanley, 39 years, welcome home!”

He called the 2010-2011 Bruins the strongest team the franchise has ever had.

“It couldn’t have been a more magical trip,” he said.

Jacobs praised many of the team’s key players Zdeno Chara, Patrice Bergeron, Mark Recchi, and, in his words “Mr. Shutout, Timmy Thomas.”

Jacobs Thanks Bruins, Jabs Neely

He also said he “couldn’t have been more proud” of head coach Claude Julien, and general manager Peter Chiarelli.

Then he lauded Bruins president Cam Neely.

“I also want to recognize Cam Neely. I think I have communicated more than once that all along he is such a great role model for the players and the organization. He is the heart and soul of what a Bruin means. You couldn’t have a better leader.”

“On top of it, he brought us a Stanley Cup, something he couldn’t do while he was skating,” Jacobs said.

Photo Gallery: Bruins Stanley Cup Parade

That brought jeers from the crowd. Neely laughed politely with his hands in his pockets.

Then Jacobs wrapped it up.

“The wait is over. The cup is yours. Let’s celebrate!”

Comments (20)
  1. Michael Daly says:

    Jacobs clearly hates Cam Neely and is furious he had to get out of the way of his hockey people and let them do their job. That he’d rip Neely that way shows Jacobs knows he had no role in the Stanley Cup win and can’t stand that fact.

    He needs to be wrenched of ownership of the Bruins.

  2. Ellen says:

    Jacobs should have stayed home and watch it on television like the rest of us.

  3. a b's fan in ny says:

    people will long remember the name & the class act cam neely is on so many levels. the likelihood of anybody outside the jacobs’ family being able to pick him out of a lineup only shows what a miserable being he is. let’s put his name & face on the equivalent of a “no fly” list and not let him cross the border into massachusetts again.

  4. J.C.A. says:

    His days are past. Jeremy hasn’t had anything to do with the B’s other than MONEY for a long lot O’ years.
    His minions out their trust in the current TEAM….and he obviously agreed. If he did…stay in the back-round and collect the check…and keep your pie hole shut !

    Neely is a heads up guy and was out of the game ONLY because he couldn’t play it to HIS satisfaction. To slam him like that is such a LOW BLOW…I wouldn’t be surprised if he tells you to go to H E double Hockey Sticks…and takes a job with Calgary.:)~.

    LOW BLOW Jeremy! Take your paycheck and get out of “The Game”. JCA

  5. tomboston says:

    I hope some day people recognize what a cancerous evil POS Jacobs is.
    Jacobs capitalized on the loyal fan base in Boston and milked it for every nickel he could squeeze without EVER once really trying to win a cup. The Neely era teams just needed one or two more players to put them over the top, but Jacobs FAILED the city time and time again. This current team won DESPITE Jacobs.
    Cam Neely doesn’t have a ring as a player BECAUSE of Jacobs.
    We should have run Jacobs out of town a loooong time ago.

  6. Dan Biagini says:

    the cruel irony is Jeremy “Mr Burns” Jacobs ribbing Neely for not winning a cup. If the penny pinching Jacobs had spent some money before the salary cap era it wouldn’t have been 39 years. Not Cam’s fault by any stretch.

    Hats off to Neely for leaving it all on the ice as a player, and showing the same character in management.

  7. Jay says:

    Dan Biagini tomboston J.C.A DITTO & AMEN

  8. Erik Millett says:

    Mr. Jacobs, do you know the difference between you and Cam Neely? (aside from personality; a love, respect and passion for the game of hockey; a place EARNED in the hockey hall of fame; an unparalleled knowledge of the game of hockey; a passion for the Bruins franchise that doesn’t involve dollars earned; a respect for Bruins fans that goes deeper than their wallets; a sense of humor AND humility)

    So what’s the difference between you and Cam? Well Mr. Jacobs, Bruins fans actually LIKE, NO LOVE Cam Neely.

  9. Bob J says:

    I guess the truth hurts.

  10. Jacobs Blows says:

    I think Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier had a lot more to do with Cam’s lack of Cups than Cam or Jacobs. If this 2010-11 team went against the potent Edmonton Oilers of the 80’s or Lemieux and the Penguins the only parade in Boston would have been the gay pride one.

    1. Erik Millett says:

      I think the Bruins teams of Cam’s era would have stood a much better chance against Edmonton with that “one additional player” that all fans and analysts agree those teams needed. To bad Jacobs was too busy counting beer receipts…

  11. Dennis says:

    What he said was True He didnt win as a player, you gotta problem with the truth besides that it hurts.

    1. Erik Millett says:

      Only that this truth he feels so obligated to rub in Neely’s face is more his own doing than Cam’s.

  12. e. shore says:

    from day one of his ownership, this bean counter from buffalo was only in it for the concessions and ancillary profits. even ray bourque was underpaid relative to league comparables. there were a couple of celtics and patriots owners along the way who were equally as bad and cheap, but fortunately didn’t last long.

  13. chickenparm says:

    What a troll…It’s too bad your team won Mr. Jacobs because now you have to give all your players bonuses for winning the Stanley cup. There goes that fourth yacht that you wanted for your beach home in Florida. I waited thirty years for this and for some of those years it sucked to see them lose but now that we have a salary cap in place and a new TV contract and strong fan base you wont be tightening that wallet anymore.

  14. mikey says:

    Yes, it was the truth but nevertheless a cheap shot and uncalled for comment directed toward Cam Neely. Classless in fact.

  15. ckmom says:

    The only reason Cam and Ray didnt get a cup here in Boston is that Jacobs was too cheap to put up a couple more $ and get one or two players of the same caliber that we needed to compete on the same level as the cup winning teams. Jacobs was just happy to sell the true fans watered down overpriced beer. As long as he had money coming in from concessions he didnt care.

    1. Erik Millett says:

      Absolutely the truth. There is a reason Cam was inducted into the hall of fame with such a short career.

  16. John Calitri says:

    I was beginning to gain a little respect for Jacobs this year but he blew it with his comments about Neely. Jacobs was the sole reason for the 39 year wait between Stanley Cups. He should publicly apologize to Neely and acknowledge that he and Harry Sinden would not spend the money in developing or picking up the needed players to get over the top. Thank You Bruins for a great playoff run.
    P. S. Don Cherry should have been invited to the parade and celebration.

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