21 Bruins, Dads, Summer...Oh Yeah!  Time to Celebrate!

Plenty of morning clouds through mid morning. By the parade, clouds will be breaking for partial sunshine and warming temps thanks to a light west wind at the surface.  Highs will climb into the Lwr 80’s with a warm humid feel. We are tracking a shortwave which will be pushing south into New England. A cold front will push through the region during the afternoon and likely fire up some scattered convection in the form of a few showers or thunderstorms.  The best chance of these showers and storms will be around 2 PM-6 PM before exiting the coast tonight. They will come with brief downpours and small hail. No severe weather is expected….but and isolated an strong storm is certainly possible.  Cooler drier air will follow in tonight with clearing skies. Cool in the valleys thanks to radiational cooling. A great night for sleeping.

31 Bruins, Dads, Summer...Oh Yeah!  Time to Celebrate!

An upper level closed low over the maritimes will push down into Maine Sunday. This will come with a beautiful comfortable airmass with NW winds supplying a dry warm land breeze for most. Mostly sunny skies with a few fair weather cumulus by the afternoon….especially north closer to the cold pool.  Winds will be light and turn onshore for a PM seabreeze which will keep temps in the 70’s at the coast and some Lwr 80’s inland, even mid 80’s in the west away from onshore winds.  

41 Bruins, Dads, Summer...Oh Yeah!  Time to Celebrate!

Weak High pressure in place to start off Monday which shifts offshore. After a sunny start, High to mid level clouds will be increasing during the afternoon ahead of a piece of convection which will break off from the Great Lakes and move towards new England Monday night. Onshore winds at the coast keep it cooler. Temps inland will still be in the Lwr 80’s. Best chance of showers will be late Monday night into early Tuesday.

51 Bruins, Dads, Summer...Oh Yeah!  Time to Celebrate!

A warm front will remain stalled south of Tuesday, with clouds and scattered lighter showers in the 70’s. Weak high pressure builds back in Wednesday with increasing sun and highs near 80.

By Thursday-Friday, a more substantial weather system will be approaching the northeast. A low will track through the Great Lakes with a warm front pushing towards New England Thursday with showers and scattered storms. Warmer more humid air will be advecting into the region, but clouds and showers will keep temps in the 70’s and 60’s. Showers will linger through Thursday night before tapering off Friday…still abundant cloud cover, breaks of sun and an afternoon thunderstorm.

61 Bruins, Dads, Summer...Oh Yeah!  Time to Celebrate!

Now…the Fun Stuff! As the title suggested…it is a weekend to celebrate! The Bruins have taken the Cup back to Boston. There are many bandwagon fans out there, but it is easy to get caught up in the the play of the Bruins the past few weeks. What a run! I salute all the Bruins fans who have been there the whole way through the years. Your loyalty and love for your team is being rewarded today. This day is for you! Tomorrow is for the Dads. What a day it will be! A great day for a round of golf, fishing, boating, biking…relaxing. Being a father of 4, there is nothing better you can do in this life. I will look back upon my short time on Earth with my children being the most wonderful part about it.

Finally, Summer right around the corner on Tuesday with the Summer Solstice officially at 1:16 PM. Time to get busy living!

Comments (12)
  1. Matt says:

    Mostly sunny skies for tomorrow? Not buying it.

  2. manowx says:

    Mr Joyce,

    Short time on earth? Why so glum? Besides, humans are the most long-lived mammal. I hope you have not contracted a disease because I enjoy your usually cheery disposition

    PS There has been too much mention of the bruins on this weather blog.

  3. Matt Souza says:

    Nice weather we are going to have today for the Bruins parade and nice weather on fathers day. The day that will be the driest will be tomorrow.
    I think an isolated thunderstorm or shower could develope this late afternoon or evening. i am putting a 1 on my thunderstorm scale for today. I am watching a front that will pass us late in the week. that is coming from the north. or northwest. Which might cause well below normal temps for this time of the year.

    1. JimmyJames says:

      Looks like we agree on the thunderstorm acitivity because I am thinking the same since it does not look like severe storms will develop. With that said keep an eye to the sky and if thunder roars head in doors.

  4. JimmyJames says:

    Great blog as always Joe.

  5. paul says:

    once again it looks like rain thursday and friday but its only saturday i heard on channel 7 last night that there on flopping on a front that will be south us on thursday and friday pete on channel if it moves 50 miles north we will be in the warm sector

  6. Matt says:

    All the weather folks flip flop on their forecast. That way at some point they are actually right.

  7. Willy13 says:

    As long as the nao stays negative like it is, we are going to run into stalled fronts and rainy cool weather, which it sounds like is on tap for next week. It looks like the summer weather is not happening in June……..

  8. JimmyJames says:

    Willy13 I hate that weather but looking at the glass half full its beat 3 H weather and more money in my pocket since the AC will not be running.

  9. Italo says:

    Joe, Happy Dad’s Day to you, yours, and your WBZ colleagues celebrating it, too. My late dad will be with us in spirit, and he would’ve been so proud of the Bruins and enjoyed the rolling rally that looked so great on TV today! Glad the weather turned out so well for it, the fans and the team. It’s feeling and looking like a great weekend weather- and temperatures-wise, and I am sure grateful about it. Enjoy as much as possible if you’re able to, everybody!

  10. Matt Souza says:

    sunny with highs in the low 80s and upper 70s through wednesday with litlle humidity..
    A front will swing by on thursday stalling around the region and give us a chance of showers with more clouds than sun. temps will be in the 70s away from the coast. with highier humidity through next saturday.
    IT does not look like it will be wash out

  11. Matt Souza says:

    also for the past 2 weeks they have been saying the same thing and it turns out just fine. they were saying rain showers thursday -sunday at the begginning of the week. So i am not sure if people should trust them.So no one freak out about a few showers.

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