WEYMOUTH (CBS) – A Weymouth resident spotted three coyotes in her backyard Thursday and said that the animals even chased some of her family members inside the house.

Amy Johnson said that she’s concerned for the safety of her family, as well as for her cat and dog.

Johnson and her husband are afraid of an attack, especially after he saw the coyotes come closer to the house to drink from their dog’s pool.

Johnson said she also heard the coyotes killing an animal in the woods.

“The screams were awful,” she says. “And after the animal was killed, the the coyote howled.”

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports:

The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife says it’s peak season for coyote sightings because young pups are learning how to hunt.

Robert Deblinger of the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife offers the Johnsons and others advice for dealing with a coyote intrusion.

“If they are still there you act aggressively toward them,” he says. “You scare them off, let them know this human territory and they are not welcome.”

But, Johnson says that’s easier said than done.

“They can come out, and they can get us,” she says.

Comments (5)
  1. tim says:

    Three words for the homeowner….GET A FENCE. We have coyotes living in the woods behind us. If your yard is fenced they won’t be chasing you, will they? The lady with the bat is an idiot.

  2. tim says:

    p.s. get rid of the dog’s pool, moron.

  3. emom says:

    The more that we build in areas with woods, the more habitat we disrupt. I no more like the wild animals roaming in my yard, But Yeah take precations to protect yourself and your family.. We have coyotes, and more racoons in our neighborhood… All because there are areas that have been developed for houses,. Progress I guess but still driving the wild out of their homes to create homes for others, Yet these homes take so long to sell.

  4. Bri says:

    Fences theoretically could work but we have a coyote in our neighborhood too and a neighbor came to tell us that she witnessed the coyote climbing over the fence to leave her yard…lots of children and dogs in this neighborhood too. We called the police to see if there was anything that could be done but coyotes are protected.

  5. Tough says:

    Coyotes are not protected and we are not disrupting their habitat. They are moving in because we offer them easy food: dog food, cat food, garbage, little dogs, cats. They will attack humans because they are no longer scared of humans.

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