Felger & Massarotti are broadcasting live from the Ace Ticket Studio by Fenway Park and the guys are still talking about the Bruins Stanley Cup victory over the Vancouver Canucks on Wednesday night.

Has it even set in yet that the Bruins are Stanley Cup Champions? How weird is it to see the Bruins as champions?

Is it tough to see the Bruins has champions because there are no big named flashy players on the roster? How does this championship team compare to the ’01 New England Patriots?

What changes could be made in the offseason?

  1. M says:

    Chara is better than Pronger; Kreichi is better than Toews; Lucic is better than Byfugland;Marchand is better than Cooke; Thomas is better than (insert any goalie); Bergeron is better than Cros… ok maybe not.

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