Your Boston Bruins proved that they were the better team by shutting out the Vancouver Canucks in Canada to bring The Stanley Cup back to Boston. Felger & Massarotti kicked off their show talking about how this team battled to win and Zdeno Chara lifting the Cup above his head. They also talked about the Bruins celebrating in the locker room and all the fun to come.

They also talked about what has changed with this Bruins team. Many people said that this team would never win a championship while Jeremy Jacobs is the owner. Felger focused on what happened with this team over the past 3 years.

They also talked about what happened to the Vancouver Canucks and how Roberto Luongo fell apart.

  1. Marc @Halifax says:

    Ole! LOL! PS: he was not playing for his country. Most of us were for the Bruins. :)

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