No Game 7 Viewing Party Will Be Held At TD Garden

BOSTON (CBS) – There will be no viewing party at the TD Garden for Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals Wednesday night, Boston Mayor Tom Menino has confirmed to WBZ-TV.

Bruins fans had hoped the TD Garden would be open to watch the game, much like Canucks fans had the opportunity to do in Vancouver for Game 6.

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But, city officials had too many logistical and security concerns to address with just one night left before the game.

“Some people get exuberant have a few and act up, and you know, this is a sport, and a lot of families who like to watch sports bring kids, and I wouldn’t want to send the wrong message to anyone,” said Mayor Menino.

Though there won’t be a viewing party at the Garden, security will still be in force as police expect fans will still be drawn to the area near Causeway Street. Signs are already posted warning streets will be blocked to cars.

“Obviously, not having 16,000 people coming out of the Garden makes our job a little bit easier. Like I said, we’re trying to discourage them from coming down to the area. If they can stay in their homes, or in their neighborhood. You know, we just don’t want to be dealing with massive crowds,” said William Evans, the Boston Police superintendent.

Fans heading to the area surrounding the TD Garden are encouraged to take public transportation Wednesday night.

There will be no parking near North Station, Faneuil Hall and Kenmore Square.


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  • Stephanie

    This is absolutly ridiculous. Come on Boston.

    • Sandra Jeffrey

      Come on!! You guys had weeks to set up a contigency plan if this series went the full 7 games! Lame lame excuse Menino if you ask me! Sorry the Boston fans are getting ripped off royally. Here in Vancouver we have 5 or more venues that will be hosting a viewing party. Since one ticket to Roger’s Arena to see the game is equal to my monthly mortgage I am happy all the other venues are FREE! We’ll be watching at Boulevard Casino (1000 cushy seats) on their 48 foot HDTV. May the best team win!

    • Jim

      I will NOT VOTE for menion and the Democrats again!
      don’t forget this meniono.
      Every city does it.

    • Paul

      It is too dangerous Menino says it is too dangerous to open the Garden tomorrow for viewing party. Ok, I have a question for you Menino and BP.
      Is that mean, If there is a terrorist attack or an emergency disaster, you care not prepared to protect this city?
      OPEN THE GARDEN like every city did.
      Or you lost this regsitered democrat’s vote Democrats!

    • Troy Dann

      THIS IS IT.

    • Parsfan20016

      You “half” to be kidding me! Talk about “FOOLS”. When the Bruins come home with the cup the Mayor will continue to LQQK like the “Jack-Ass” that he is. AND if they lose he will – same!

  • Vinnie

    I bet if this was World Series time and the Red Sox were in it, there would be a viewing party at Fenway. It’s so much easier for crowd control, everyone would be in one location. Does Menino think he really has a better plan in place when and if everyobe floods Causeway after the game? Pathetic!

    • Brian in the Burbs

      Then permit our brothers at the Red Sox front office step up host the event!!

  • Brian in the Burbs

    Really Mayor Menino?!

    You can pull off a 7-mile Rolling Rally for the Sox and Celtics LESS THAN A DAY AND A HALF AFTER THEY CLINCH but you and your team can’t figure out the safety logistics to accommodate opening up the Gahden for Game 7 tomorrow night?? Really?!

    REALLY L-A-M-E!!! Boo! Hiss! BOO!! HISS!!

    • Demiocrat 4 life

      I am calling President Obama.
      Boston Bruins had the first Africasn hockey player in NHL league.
      As the President of the United States of America, he sure would want the US team fans to enjoy game 7 viewing party especially against a Canadian team!!

  • B'sFan32

    Great way to support the home team….NOT.
    If it was the Red Sox or Patirots, it would be no problem.

    “You know, we just don’t want to be dealing with massive crowds,” said William Evans, the Boston Police superintendent.
    Any chance he’s a Vancouver fan? Where’s the B’s love?

    GO BRUINS!!!!

  • Tom McCormack

    Personally, I would go to the Garden to watch Gm7 and support the local economy, Garden concessions and souvenirs… The problem is that a small percentage of knuckleheads have gone too far in their exuberance over the last decade of championships. Unfortunately the Mayor had to make this call.

    • Jim

      It would be much easier to control the crowd in ione area you moron!
      Now, they will be trouble everywhere! some peoole will intentd to make problems just because of Menino’s decision.
      Think about that too.
      IDIOT Menino.

  • Brendan

    What if the game was at home? What’s the difference? Remember this when you go to the polls.

  • bp

    Once again the mayor assumes the worst out of people. Fans would be more than well behaved in the garden. Everyone should let the mayor know how wrong he is

    • Tim

      Everyone should call the Mayor’s office and threaten him by VOTE.

  • Patrick

    Here’s my issue with the decision. I was at Game 7 against the Lightning and Menino had asked the crowds to “behave”. That had to be the least ruckus crowd I had ever seen leaving the Garden. In fact, I believe there was only 2 arrests that night. I live in western Mass and would have gone to the Garden tomorrow. Now I won’t be anywhere close to the city, so there’s money that won’t be spent in Boston.

  • Raylene

    Thanks a lot Mayor, this woruld of been great for the fans who could not afford to go to a regular game. I was really looking forward to going. Party pooper

  • Ellen

    Bunch of party poopers.

  • Craig

    Hey Superintendant Evans it’s Game–bleeping–Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals and our team is on the road so you can bet your dark blue ass and panda cars that there’s gonna be some crowds. And another thing Menino sucks!
    Let’s go Bruins!

  • Ky Walt

    This was something that occurred in Vancouver and Dallas (For NBA Finals) without major issues, I would understand if it was even Chem Free, This BITES!

  • Craig

    I’m really not surprised the guy who cancels the fun is a cross eyed mumbling drooling blithering idiot! Real ionic move there mumbles!

  • Craig

    I believe the words of the day here for your “ionic” drooling, mumbling and bumbling mayor of Boston is: TONE DEAF! This is a hockey city you imbeciles!

  • rob

    Mayor (?) Menino,
    Nice demonstration of home town pride. Where are you watching the game? Why not invite 15,000 ACTUAL fans.

    Go B’s.

    Hope not to see you during the parade.

    • Matt Souza

      rob will he have the courage or guts to do a parade. do u think.

  • Glenn Sousa

    They can do this in every other big city in the country but not Boston? Come on Menino be proud of Boston and its fans. Great city, great fans , and a wimp for a mayor.

  • Turtle

    typical Boston response. How does every other city in North America do this? it’s 2011, time to support ALL Boston teams equally. Thanks Mayor Borrows, or was that Mayor Luong? We’ve been pumping money into the city for TWO months of this great playoff run Pathetic response. It’s embarassing for the entire region.

  • sloopjohnB2

    The Mayor is a moron. Every other city opens up their stadium. Just look at the pictures from Vancouver last night. He’s always saying what a great city we have and how safe it is. Shame on him. He is a dunce!

  • Italo

    I’m glad they spelled out the story here online in writing. I couldn’t understand maybe one or two words of what Mr. Mayor was saying. This is just another example of how Boston can’t get out of its own way and get something right. Too bad. Go Bruins!

  • cartman

    ya thats a smart move menino now explain to me what youre gonna do with the extra 16,000 people who are gonna show up despite not opening the garden cuz guess what theyre gonna hafta get there early to get in places which means theyre gonna be drinking earlier….and chief wiggum really you dont think theres gonna be crowds? how the hell did you become superintendent let alone be granted the opportunity to hold a weapon thinking crowds arent going to gather outside the building of a team on the road thats playing for a championship….2 meatballs right there

  • BILL


  • RRFields

    Small time city…

  • realist

    This is par for the course in this commie left wing state. A bunch of boobs who can never figure out how to do things other major cities have been doing for years. I knew there was no chance they’d do this.

  • kelly

    now im gunna go down and cause a frigen riot just to prove a point. i was lookin foward to watchin game in garden cuz im not a yuppie that all iof a sudden likes bruins and can afford 1000 dollar tickets. this couldve been a chance for real fans to join in the celebration. menino ill make sure no1 in my family votes for u factttt

    • cartman

      marry me lol

      • kelly

        haha u got that cartman … oh ya and one more thing, all u little yuppie pigs who went out to buy seguin and lucic jerseys ( u can tell cuz they r fresh white and crispy haha ) return ur money cuz the jerseys arent gunna get u porked by a bruins player . go home u are all straight fakkkeeee fans. im a real fan, thats y i can only afford 10 dollars to get into a viewing party haha

  • Mike Smith

    Like I said, we’re trying to discourage them from coming down to the area. If they can stay in their homes, or in their neighborhood. You know, we just don’t want to be dealing with massive crowds,” said William Evans, the Boston Police superintendent.

    Way to support your Cities businesses. Just a poor move the City of Boston.

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