BOSTON (CBS) – @Rep Weiner…a tweet for you.  No skin shots or hot talk.  Just the facts as I seem them.

First off, I doubt many women are as impressed by pictures of a man in his underwear as you are.  It’s not “becoming” unless you’re a model for GQ and 99% of that magazine’s readers are men so figure it out.  Second, you’re a married man in his mid-forties.  Act your age.  Pay attention to your new wife and leave the coeds to college boys my son’s age.  Third, try to remember shame is a good thing and we’re equipped with it for a reason.  It helps cleanse the scene of spots and blots that are so often repulsive.  Shame also has the residual effect of helping perps like you.  When will disgraced public servants realize that?  Yes, I say disgraced because that’s what you are Tony.  The few smart perverted big shots are those who quickly desert their sinking ships for the relative comfort of exile and anonymity.  A quick exit from the scene following a public apology is the best salve for an ugly stain.  You should want the public to proclaim, “Creepy, we hardly knew ye,” before putting you out of their minds.  But apparently hubris has gotten the best of the situation.  Rep Anthony, you’re the same guy who for years has tossed bombs at the political opposition, often attacks that personal, unfounded and demeaning.  And you’ve been quite good at it.  How does it feel to be on the receiving end?  I thought as much.

This past week you pouted and complained to the same press that did much of your partisan bidding in the past.  You lied to the media, your family, your constituents and the country.  Shame on you and any official from any party who uses such poor judgment and stomps on public trust.  I know, I know, you seem to think that your irreplaceable voice in Congress for the people takes precedence over any “personal errors” you’ve made.  Sorry Anthony, you’re wrong.  You blew it by being selfish, reckless and dishonest.  In most other jobs, you’d be on the unemployment line by now.  Finally, remember that time tested well beaten path scandals like yours take.  There is more dirt to come thanks to your juvenile misunderstanding of the power of social media and the kind of condescension that only rears its head once in a generation.  I fear the best (or more to the point the worst) is yet to come.  So do yourself and the rest of us a favor and pack it in.  Reap the benefits of shame, resign from public life and enjoy the reward of having plenty of time to pursue your on-line passions.  At least at that point, we don’t have to care.


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