PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Providence Police Chief Dean Esserman says he broke up a graduation party for his daughter at his own home after becoming aware that some underage party-goers were drinking.

WPRI-TV reports that Esserman issued a statement on Saturday saying a number of “unexpected and uninvited guests” showed up at the party on Friday, and that some were drinking alcohol without his knowledge or consent.

Esserman said he stopped the party and told all of the guests to leave, after first checking to see if anyone driving was under the influence.

The party was being held to celebrate his daughter’s graduation from La Salle Academy, a Catholic high school.

A spokeswoman for Mayor Angel Taveras told WPRI in an e-mail that the city’s public safety commissioner was reviewing the incident.

In February, Esserman was suspended from his job for one day after a verbal altercation with a subordinate.
Information from: WPRI-TV

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Comments (15)
  1. Joe Loiselle says:

    I’m not a big fan of Chief Esserman, but in this instance he should be commended for doing the responsible thing. It’s not easy being in the “fishbowl” for all to criticize and second guess. This should not even be news as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Gabby Aiello says:

      I agree; it is not news worthy. Move on there are bigger more news worthy topics. Don’t destroy his daughter ‘s graduation joy.

  2. Jean says:

    How sad is it that some teenagers feel that the only way to celebrate is with booze or drugs.

    1. guest says:

      there we go blaming ‘teenagers’ again…don’t adults celebrate with booze too? Maybe not the drugs though. And no…it’s not sad.

      1. Willow says:

        guest, you’re missing one important detail. It is legal for an adult to celebrate with “booze.” Teens are underage and breaking the law. If when they are of legal age they want to celebrate as their parents do, then th’t.ere’s no reason that they can’t.

  3. emom says:

    I have to wonder WHY teens think alchohol is such a great thing.. Sure occasionally its ok, But, lets be honest,,, some teens feel that drink after drink aftr drink is where its at… They have said WHATS THE BIG DEAL,,, ITS JUST BOOZE, ADULTS DO IT SO WHY SHOULDNT THEY… really and so many feel we need to start treating teens like adults, They can not even show restraint , there is no moral code with them , they disrespect adults, No I am not saying ALL TEENS, but please those that are the problem , is the reason they have no respect for anyone..

    1. guest says:

      ya i’m sure you were a perfect teenager and never drank

      1. emom says:

        HEY GUEST GET A CKUE<< I WAS… I never drank before it was legal, NEVER. I had my first drink at 18, was only able to drink for 6 months and they changed the age , Not once but twice… Was not able to drink again till I was 21… SO YES I WAS PERFECT IN THAT SENSE, You must not be since you think drinking is all that and a bag of chips,,,, foolish is what it is …. lack of control is the problem with any under age drinker,,, LACK of common sense.. get real

  4. Herculano says:

    Way to go, dad! This is exactly the sort of thing we need more of today: parents holding kids accountable instead of enabling and covering up for bad behavior, whether it’s from their own kids or ther kids’ friends. The problem with the last several generations of young folks is the abdication of adult responsibility for keeping their children under control. This applies to parents, social workers, school administrators, etc.

    Spoken by a career public school teacher who loves kids but hates bad behavior, and who believes that most young people crave and respond positively to adult authority figures who set firm, caring and reasonable parameters and high expectations. I’ll bet his daughter is embarrassed as hell, but in her heart is relieved and proud. There will be a lot of fond memories and laughs about this when she’s finished growing up and has her own kids.

    1. Willow says:

      Great comment, Herculano, and I agree!

  5. Buildmeister says:

    I’m sure every member of the family is embarrassed, but kudos to the Dad fir doing the right thing. I’m sure his time off will be spent doing positive things with his daughter to show her there’s no need to escape life through alcohol.

  6. towniesman says:

    why is this news…the chief did the right thing..cmon man

  7. bob says:

    why were they treated diferently, any other party and the under age drinkers would have been arrested.

  8. Brian says:

    ” Him ” as a father and second of who he is, should hold his head high as an example of doing a very hard and right thing to do.

    Admittedly i was going to point out (in a mean way ) that those kids are lucky that no one was hauled off with a first time record. Which i felt unfair to many adults and kids in the same situation… but then i read on… I rescind my first feeling about those who were not afforded a great opportunity of punishment by law. and say this.

    Kids task parents with selfish situations that ultimately destroy the devoted work parents give to their kids.

    When you go to college and leave the nest as a young Adult its time to test the waters… do you take the advise and teachings of your parents or do you corrupt yourself by doing actions that will hurt you one way or the other.. While you as a child under their roof are guided by the letter of the law. what you selfishly do will reflect on your parents. and show outright how much OR how little you show your parents for that devotion. it is your choice.
    Don’t put your parents in these situations.. wait till you are an adult… so it will make the job of slapping handcuffs on you all the easier at the same time leaving your parents out of the mess you caused.

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