SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (AP) – Immigrant advocates say around 100 refugees remain homeless in the wake of the severe weather and tornadoes that stuck central western Massachusetts last week.
 Jozefina Lantz, director of immigrant services at Lutheran Social Services in Worcester, said Friday that advocates are working to find housing for refugees, many who remain at relief shelters. Lantz said volunteers are providing refugees, whose vehicles were destroyed, transportation to and from work.
She said the tornado that rampaged Springfield and West Springfield last week hit neighborhoods with large immigrant and refugee populations.
Mohammed Najeeb, a disaster relief coordinator with the group, said many of the refugees are from Somalia, Nepal, Burma, Iraq and countries in the former Soviet Union.
 Sergey Livchin, a 23-year-old Russian refugee, was among the three killed from last week’s storm.

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  1. Jean says:

    Is refugee the new word for illegal? How about we help all US citizens before one cent is spent on illegals (oops refugees).

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