Vancouver (CBS) – Lots to talk about when it comes to the Bruins and the Stanley Cup Finals as we ready for Game Five Friday night…

–Clearly the best news to come out of Game 4 was that Nathan Horton was actually able to get himself to the Garden to present Rich Peverley with the infamous Jacket. I remember hearing how players such as Marc Savard and Patrice Bergeron couldn’t get out of bed or open the shades because the light hurt. For Horton to get there is tremendous news. He’s out for the playoffs, but it would be great to see a miracle comeback so he can assume his Big Papi role and score the Stanley Cup game-winning goal. After all, he is represented by Robert Gordon Orr…

–By the way, I love the awarding of the jacket. It was started by Andrew Ference, who bought the windbreaker off of EBay for $35. It’s awarded by the player who won it last game. That player is expected to wear it during the media access period right after the win. It’s then hung in the player’s locker until the next game when it is given to another teammate for a job well done. It’s one of those great team bonding things. I love it. I preach to my kids all the time about what you can learn about life by being on and part of a team. And by the way, the jacket that Horton awarded Peverley the other night looks a bit different that what I saw earlier. Maybe, maybe not. May just be that I haven’t gotten much sleep…

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–Amazing to me how the Canucks have been whining about the everything from Brad Marchand to the criticism they’ve faced from analyst Mike Milbury and the media (he called the Sedin twins “Themla and Louise”). Let me repeat this: THEY are the ones who started this! Alex Burrows biting Patrice Bergeron and Aaron Rome taking out Nathan Horton. They got the Bruins going and they can’t seem to handle the Bruins doing it back to them. Period.

Brad Marchand Talks Game 5 From Vancouver

–Can’t wait to see how both teams come out in Game Five. The Canucks will be flying and looking for any edge. I’m sure their plan will be to take it right to Tim Thomas… perhaps physically too. One thing I do hope is that the referees don’t get in the way of this one. I go back to Game Six in Montreal…

–Watching Dennis Seidenberg take down Alex Burrows in front of Tim Thomas goes to show you just how strong Seidenberg is. Pound for pound he may the strongest guy on the team. A rock. He’s been as good a player as you’ll see on any team from start to finish this postseason…

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–Curious to see how Milan Lucic plays in Game 5. For a good part of Game 4 he was the best Bruin on the ice. If he follows that up tonight… he could be wearing that Jacket during the post game…

Enjoy Game 5!

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  1. Maggie says:

    I realize that the Bruins are the number one subject in sports because of the Stanley Cup, but the ‘Red Sox just swept the Yankees’ and the only thing that was reported was that one phrase…no details, not to even to mention that they swept them in New York !
    I didn’t know of any other place on this website to leave the comment.
    There wasn’t even a Red Sox blog to comment to.

    I am dissapointed in your reporting. Go Sox !

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