By Lisa van der Pool, Boston Business Journal

BOSTON (CBS) – Even a tepid economy can’t prevent college costs from rising well above the rate of inflation, and now some colleges and universities nationwide are charging more than $55,000 a year.

Last year, tuition and fees rose an average of 4.5 percent at private colleges, according to the College Board.

Costs above $50,000 a year are now becoming routine.

The Boston Business Journal reviewed this spring’s tuition increases, revealing that at least a dozen local colleges have total costs over $50,000 a year to attend.

Williams College edged out Boston College as the most expensive college to attend in Massachusetts, according to our research, with both having total costs just over $54,500.

On the other end of scale, schools in the UMass system had the lowest all-in costs for the coming academic year at slightly over $20,000.

Lisa van der Pool of the Boston Business Journal reports

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2011-2012’s priciest Massachusetts colleges:

1. Williams College

Total cost, 2011-2012: $54,560.

2. Boston College

Total cost, 2011-2012: $54,528.

3. Tufts University

Total cost, 2011-2012: $54,474.

Comments (4)
  1. Rinne says:

    So you go to BC or Williams and spend $200 grand plus and some of these grads are till living with their parents because they can’t find jobs? What does that say about the “prestige” about going to one of these schools and the old boy network…not much in these economic times. Save you and your parents some money. Go to a local CC, state or cheaper school. Bet you would still get a job or maybe still be living with your parents.

  2. Kathleen says:

    You have to remember that Williams has one of the largest endowments of any liberal arts college in the country, meaning it provides incredibly generous financial aid (it is only need based, and not merit based, though). I was able to attend for much less than it would’ve cost me to go to UMass, and Williams financial aid also paid for all of my books. A lot of my former classmates attend BC and I know that they’re famously stingy with their financial aid, so I’d argue that it’s both ultimately more expensive and less prestigious (if that’s something that matters, although it should only factor in when considering grad school admissions and employment, in my opinion).

  3. Joey says:

    Williams College and Boston College are two of the best universities in the country. They both offer great financial aid and an amazing education. I am currently a student at Boston College, and yes I am going to be in debt, but it is worth it. Go Eagles!

  4. Agustin Trotti says:

    We tend to think college is expensive today. But according to Student Loans, college tuition is going to get way worse.

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