By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

I see the latest “text $10 offer” to the Red Cross. In this case, it’s a very worthwhile relief fund for the Springfield area. My inquiry: What percent of this $10 goes directly to relief efforts to those affected? And how much goes to Red Cross administrative costs? I hear Red Cross isn’t an “efficient” charity. Can you clarify? – Richard, Watertown

You’ve probably seen the appeals asking for a donation to help tornado victims.  In fact our own Jack Williams is in one of them.

I asked the Red Cross how much of each donated dollars goes to tornado relief and how much is overhead.  They told me that 91-cents of every dollar goes directly to assistance.  So for a $10 donation, thats $9.10.  The other 90-cents goes for administrative costs.

That’s a good percentage.  The Institute of Philanthropy says anything above 60% is good.

  1. ENUFF says:

    I would not contribute unless I knew for a fact my donation was going to a Massachusetts storm victim and not to the bloated $400,000.00 plus salary per year of the Red Cross Director.

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