BOSTON (CBS) – Legendary Boston Bruins defenseman Ray Bourque joined Felger and Massarotti to talk about the Bruins and the Stanley Cup Finals.

What have the Bruins done to climb back into this series? How much of the teams motivation has been driven by the Horton injury?

“It’s been incredible; it’s shown what they’re made of,” said Bourque. “Bouncing back from going down two in Vancouver, really knowing what they needed to do and coming out and playing physical like they did and really being determined to discourage Vancouver. That first period in Game 3 was well-played by both teams, but Boston came out, (I’m) just thinking how Recchi came out and ran over two guys in the first shift and just setting a tone.”

“The Horton hit, they really fed off of that,” he said. “They came out in the second period and just dominated. I was so happy they carried it over in Game 4, the way they played physically. You never knew how they were going to come out. That first period in Game 4 Timmy played great. In the second period again, they dominated that period. As that game went on you could see Boston take over and discouraging Vancouver. It was so fun to see.”

What has Vancouver shown us in this Stanley Cup Finals? What makes this Cancucks team so hate-able?

“There are a couple of guys on that team, Burrows and Torres that are easy to hate,” Bourque said. “Burrows with the bite and a few other things that have happened. That’s the great part of a playoff series, playing a western team that you really don’t know. It takes a few games to create that hate.”

How does Ray feel about the Stanley Cup buzz in town? What has this Bruins team meant to the city of Boston?

“To be a bruin and what being a bruins player is all about, when you wear that jersey, that is back,” said Bourque.

How has the Bruins management changed since Bourque’s playing days in Boston? What are Ray’s thought on Dennis Seidenberg? Does he share the same love that Tony Mazz does for Seidenberg?

What did it feel like to win the Stanley Cup, and how should the players approach this current run?

98.5 The Sports Hub is the only local station to listen to every game of the Stanley Cup Finals. Coverage begins an hour before each game with the Bruins Pregame show hosted by Dave Goucher & Bob Beers.

  1. Joanna says:

    Okay, I was born and raised in Montreal, but have been a Bruins fan my whole life. I am so frustrated with Habs fans who are still running their mouths about the Bruins! Saying that the Bruins have been playing dirty hockey? Uh hello…Canucks=elbow to head hit, biting, taunting, and slashing the stick off the goalie’s hand. Seriously now, when are they going to stop? Habs were eliminated by us in the first round! What justification do the fans give themselves that makes them feel they can still trash talk even though they are LOSERS!?!? I can’t say that I ‘hate’ the Habs, but I CANNOT STAND Habs fans! GRRRRRR…….GO BRUINS…DO THIS FOR US PLEAAAASE!!!

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