Posted by Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

I’m curious if the NHL is showcasing the Stanley Cup, and all league trophies for the public to view during the Finals in Boston. I remember back in 1990 the host hotel had all the league trophies including the Stanley Cup on display. – Graeme

He’s right.  The Stanley Cup, last seen in the possession of the Chicago Blackhawks, used to be put on display during the finals.

But no more.

The NHL tells us that superstitious teams were worried that putting the cup on display would be a jinx.

Pro-athletes are a pretty superstitious bunch.  You may have noticed that when the Bruins beat Tampa Bay and won the conference trophy they all gathered around it…and took pictures with it…but not one of them would touch it.

I’m knocking on wood that the Bruins can do it tonight.


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  1. john la mela says:

    if bruins win cup i like to view stanley cup.

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