BOSTON (AP) — The state attorney general’s office has reached a $1 million agreement with National Grid to settle allegations that the utility responded poorly to a snowstorm the day after Christmas.

The storm on Dec. 26 left more than 113,000 of the utility’s customers without power.

The settlement includes payments of $50,000 each to the United Way and Red Cross for their assistance in responding to the outages; reimbursement to communities for storm-related costs; and $150,000 over three years to train public safety responders to deal with electric outages and downed wires.

None of the costs will be passed on to ratepayers.

Attorney general Martha Coakley says the agreement ensures the mistakes made during the storm do not happen again.

A National Grid spokeswoman says the utility is committed to reliable service.

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Comments (3)
  1. emom says:

    Ok seeing is believing.. They say the cost will not be passed onto to the customer.. How much you wanna bet that within the next 6 months to a less than a year they will have the need to raise rates all because THEIR costs have gone up… Yeah its a monopoly and pure greed on their part. Be prepared to deal out HIGHER rates this winter,.,,, SUGGESTION… review your gas and electric bills this fall with last years bills, Look at the cost per killowatts and therms and see what the cost is yeah the numbers are like .789943 cents or something like that but even if one number has gone up it results in a rate hike for you… if so I would so bring this to the attention of the public ,, as you heard it first that this cost will not result in RATE HIKES……. Yeah like we have never heard that song and dance before

  2. doesn't affect me says:

    how about returning some of the $1 million TO the rate payers affected? Otherwise, why would anyone care about this story?

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