BOSTON (CBS) -With Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas stopping all but five of the 108 shots that have come his way, people say he has been playing out of his mind during the Stanley Cup finals.

But the Vancouver Canucks feel he is playing too far out of his net and making too much contact.

“Part of Thomas’ way of playing is playing out of the blue paint, initiating contact, roaming out there,” said Canucks coach Alain Vigneault. “He seems to think that once he’s out, set, makes the save, that he can go directly back in his net without having anybody behind him. Well, that’s wrong. He’s got the wrong rule on that. If we’re behind him, that’s our ice and we’re allowed to stay there.”

“I will tell you, everybody is aware of it, we talked to it prior to this series, about the way he plays,” he said. “We got clarification on what is allowable as far as him coming back in his net after he’s out five or ten feet past the blue paint. Hopefully everything will get sorted out on the ice.”

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Vingneault feels Thomas is getting away with too much contact, and took exception to the Game 3 check by the Bruins netminder.

“We’ve talked to the NHL about him initiating contact like did on Hank,” Vigneault said. “They’re aware of it. Hopefully they’re going to handle it.”

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Although Vingneault is upset with the hit, Sedin was in the crease and had the puck in his hand when Thomas laid him out in Game 3.  And according to Rule 69 of the NHL Rule Book, that’s completely legal.

“Does that go in the stats,” the Canucks coach asked with a grin.

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Comments (5)
  1. mark says:

    The Vancouver coach and the Sedin sisters should stop whining.By the way,girls,if the hit on Horton was,in your opinions,okay perhaps you won’t mind if Chara or Lucic or Thornton lays one of you out for the rest of the series.It was a cheap,cheap shot because Rome not only hit Horton from the blind side,he came off the ice with both skates.The puck was already on Lucic’s stick when the hit was made. It could have been interference,charging,or elbowing! The Vancouver fans also need an education.In Vancouver for the first 2 games the fans were booing every time a penalty was called on the Canucks even when the call was obvious.Geez,and i thought the Montreal fans were ignorant.For a game that supposedly originated in Canada some fans seem to be ignorant of the way it’s suppose to be played.Try your national sport..lacross.Oh,wait a minute,native Canadians,”Indians”, invented that one.Even if the Canucks do manage to walk away with Lord Stanley’s trophy it would be tainted with by the yellow stripe on the Canucks backs.

  2. Defa says:

    The Canucks are pullling at strings, but it’s simple they play poor under pressure.

  3. Tom K says:

    If I’m right Luongo is considered one of the better ‘puck handling’ goaltenders, have to leave the crease to play it, as for Thomas coming out? Burrows, Lapierre, Torres and the defense when they jumped up in the play have all taken liberties with the slashes on Thomas. Not one single complaint from Thomas, he simply plays an aggressive style of net and he’s stated thoughout the season he expects contact. One question for Vingneault, how many times were the Canucks called for goaltender interference? The answer is easy, ZERO. Stop whining because you’re getting beat by a better goaltender, keep your “super stars” Thelma & Louis, us in Boston are completely satisfied with 20 slightly better than average skaters and one GREAT goaltender who play as a TEAM

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