By Ken Tucci

Given that it is the time year for high school graduation, it got me wondering. Why don’t seniors have to go 180 days during the school year? Furthermore, they don’t even have to make up any snow days. Why is that?  – Debbie, E. Bridgewater

On the surface it looks like schools are breaking the law that calls for kids to be in school a certain number of days each year.  Most schools let seniors out as soon as they finish their final exams, and then they show up again for graduation ceremonies.

Watch video:

I checked with the state’s Department of Education about this and learned that it’s legal for school systems to release seniors 12 school days before the regular scheduled end of school.  That’s the regular scheduled end of school….not the end of school when you add in make up days because of snow.  So that’s what the schools do.  They schedule the finals for seniors earlier than the rest of the underclassmen and then they’re out.  So it’s all on the up and up.

But it also means that graduates this year lose out on 12 to 16 days of “learning.”

What do you think about that?  Shouldn’t the school systems teach these students until the true end of the year?  Are we getting our money’s worth?  Or is it enough already?

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  1. blackbear1 says:

    Ok, so what exactly is your issue?? Is it something legalistic? Please!! Schools build there calenders up to 185 days, and then adjust, up or down( almost always down) according to amount of snow days.

  2. Mamakas says:

    They let the seniors out early for the sake of the other grades. On the last day of school for the seniors in my little town, they were driving around screaming, kids piled in the backs of pick-ups, on ATVs, blowing air-horns, etc. They also toilet papered the entire town. Can you imagine letting your 10-year-old fifth grader (our middle-school/high-school starts in the 5th grade) out into that insanity? No thanks, let the senior shenanigans go on while the rest of the student body looks wistfully out the windows at them while in a safe classroom environment.

  3. tsal says:

    When I was in school way back in the day and when my kids were in school, seniors didn’t have to take exams. It was hardly necessary since anyone going to college had been accepted and those who were not had jobs (hopefully). That eliminates exam week. And why not have a few perks – after 12 years they have earned it. Blackbear – did you get up on the wrong side of the cave:)

  4. Sammied says:

    An elementary school here in Quincy, only teaches 4 1/2 days a week during the normal school week, the students have every Tuesday before noon off. I see the buses rolling down the street with students before 12. How many hours a week are they actually learning something?
    Sad that they are missing out when a good education is needed now more than ever.

  5. Cynic says:

    Oh…I get it now…..I must have read it wrong…..I thought,”I’m a senior,I got out of School years ago”

  6. Vicky says:

    Oh well. It’s only a few days. I graduated a few years ago. Why does it matter if they only miss out on 4 or 5 days? Give them a break

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